Providence, RI – Video Shows Police Officer Punching Woman In Rhode Island


    Providence, RI – Providence Mayor Jorge Elorza is calling for an investigation after a cellphone video surfaced showing a police officer punching and dragging a woman.

    Elorza said Friday that after watching the video he has directed the city’s police chief and public safety commissioner to investigate what happened.

    Public Safety Commissioner Steven Pare (PAH’-ree) says the video shows police responding to a disturbance outside a home in the early morning hours of May 23.

    A police report describes a tense scene on the porch outside the home and a physical struggle between police officers and people they say were combative. A patrolman went to the hospital after being bitten.

    Pare says he first became aware of the incident Thursday after the video was obtained by media outlets.

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      • You’re absolutely right and that’s where the Black Lives Matter types and Al Sharpton types have shot themselves in the foot. By making it solely about race they’re not going to get much support from whites, and they’re not really identifying the crux of the problem. If they would tell it like it is, and call out the terrible weltanshauung among cops that they think they’re in charge of the world and that they can use whatever force they want to enforce that domination, they’d actually accomplish something.


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