Cadiz, Spain – Obama Tours Navy Destroyer


    U.S. Navy Commander Russell Caldwell (L) gives U.S. President Barack Obama a tour of the U.S. Navy destroyer USS Ross at Naval Station Rota in Rota, Spain, July 10, 2016. REUTERS/Jonathan Ernst Cadiz, Spain – President Barack Obama is touring the USS Ross.

    Obama’s motorcade pulled up to the massive destroyer, where he was greeted by a lineup of officials as he boarded. Commander Russell Caldwell, the ship’s captain, is providing the tour.

    The destroyer is one of four temporarily stationed in Rota that launch guided missiles.

    In shirt sleeves, Obama chatted with officers and could be heard asking questions as he marveled at the massive 5 inch, 54-caliber cannon on deck.

    Garrett Nelson, a petty officer 2nd class, told the president about the weapon’s impressive accuracy. “That’s better than I do at skeet shooting,” Obama joked.

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