Jerusalem – Israeli Attorney-general Orders Inquiry Linked To Netanyahu


    Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu attends the weekly cabinet meeting in Jerusalem July 10, 2016. REUTERS/Dan Balilty/Pool Jerusalem – Israel’s attorney-general has ordered an inquiry into “matters” related to Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, the justice ministry said on Sunday, without saying what they were.

    The terse statement followed days of Israeli media speculation about possible official suspicions of misconduct by Netanyahu or by people close to him.

    Through his lawyer, Netanyahu – now serving his fourth term as prime minister – has denied any wrongdoing.

    Attorney-General Avichai Mandelblit’s decision followed “the receipt of information about matters that relate, inter alia, to the prime minister” and which he has discussed with senior Israeli police and prosecutors, the statement said.

    “It should be emphasised that this is an inquiry and that no criminal investigation has been launched regarding the prime minister,” it said.

    An inquiry can potentially be a preliminary stage to a criminal investigation.

    The statement described the media reports on the case as “inaccurate, to say the least”, but said Mandelblit could not comment further at this stage.

    First elected to Israel’s top office two decades ago, Netanyahu has weathered several scandals, including a police investigation and state audits into his family’s spending.

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    1. the criminally insane TRAITOROUS leftist swines are hell bent in destroying their own country and thereby committing national suicide.
      Instead of concentrating on the existential threat of the over one hundred thousand Hezbollah rockets aimed at them and the Iranian nuclear rockets being developed and the tens of thousands of Hammas rockets and hundreds of tunnels being dug under Israel,what are these leftist swines busy with ?,busy with prosecuting their own children (soldiers) for killing murderous terrorist’s and spending millions of dollars trying to find dirt on their own Prime minister in order to bury him.
      This sad situation should remind us of the tragic story being told by Ellie Wiesel in one of his books,that he remembers on the trains from Munkatch to Auschwitz where jews were being transported to the ovens and gas chambers ,what were the Jews busy with while on the trains ?the secularist and zionist’s and the chasidim were busy fighting their continue’s ideological wars.
      Exactly what is happening right now in our holy land


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