Michigan – Sheriff: Two Bailiffs, Suspect Dead In Michigan Courthouse Shooting


    Michigan – Two bailiffs were shot and killed inside a courthouse in St. Joseph in southwest Michigan on Monday and law enforcement officers then killed the shooter, Berrien County Sheriff Paul Bailey said.

    “At about 2:25 we had a disturbance on the third floor of the courthouse. A person has shot two bailiffs, they are both deceased, and a deputy sheriff who is at the hospital right now being treated in the emergency room,” Bailey said in a brief news conference.

    “The suspect has been shot and killed,” he added. He said the death of his friends was “terrible.”

    The suspect was an in-custody inmate who took a gun off a law enforcement officer and began shooting, ABC affiliate WZZM reported. Bailey said it was not clear how the suspect got the weapon.

    The shootings of the bailiffs and the deputy came four days after four Dallas police officers and one Dallas transit police officer were killed by a sniper who claimed to be motivated by police use of lethal force against African-Americans.

    St. Joseph is a town on the shores of Lake Michigan, across the lake from Chicago.

    The wounded sheriff’s deputy and several civilians also injured in the shooting are being treated at Lakeland Regional Medical Center, spokeswoman Jessica Hines said by telephone. She declined to detail their condition.

    Buildings in the area were put on lockdown after the shooting, according to media reports.

    “MSP (Michigan State Police) has secured the scene at the Berrien County courthouse and started its investigation into the shooting that occurred this afternoon,” Governor Rick Snyder said in a Tweet.

    Public information officers at Michigan State Police and the Berrien County Sheriff’s Department declined to give any additional details.

    Chris Gautz, public information officer for the Michigan Department of Corrections, tweeted that all Department of Corrections staff are safe and accounted for.

    A witness, Gretta Volkenstein, told CNN that buildings and government agencies in the area were all on lockdown.

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      • Must you (and the poster preceding you) always make frum Jews look so idiotic with your senseless postings? This shooting had nothing to do with Dallas or Black Lives Matter or Obama, but you are so incapable of critical, nuanced thinking that it’s easier for you to just blame all your usual suspects. No wonder you’re both rabid Trump fans.

      • Does the ignorance in the heimishe community never end? Here are the facts, Bozo:
        Since Obama took office in 2009, an average of 62 police officers in the U.S. were intentionally killed each year — the lowest annual rate going back at least 50 years.
        During the Reagan presidency, by contrast, an average of 101 police officers were intentionally killed each year. So according to your lame and twisted logic, that should make Reagan a cop-killer on steroids.
        But idiots like you would never think to blame a president for the number of cops killed over the course of a year in a country as vast and as prone to violence as the United States – unless that president is this particular president. I wonder why. Actually, I don’t wonder at all. Anyone with eyes to see and a brain to think knows why.

    1. A WHITE man killed the cops. Since he was handcuffed and a charged criminal, he obviously (to anyone with at least two functioning brain cells) did it to ESCAPE. If Obama is to blame for that, we must also blame him for the number of posters to this site who obviously have severe educational deficiencies, critical thinking at the level of a low-functioning toddler, and a superabundance of bigotry.


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