Paris, France – Report: Jewish Man Amongst Injured In Nice Terror Attack


    Wounded people are evacuated from the scene where a truck crashed into the crowd during the Bastille Day celebrations in Nice, France, 14 July 2016. EPAParis, France – France has again been the site of a major terror attack when a man sped a large truck into hordes of people this evening after a fireworks display topping off the Bastille Day celebration in the southern city of Nice.

    More than 80 people have been reported killed, with the toll continuing to rise, and scores more injured. The driver was shot dead by police.

    According to Rabbi Yossef Yitschok Pinson, director of Habad Loubavitch of Nice Côte d’Azur and head Chabad-Lubavitch emissary in the region, at least one of the wounded is a Jewish community member.

    Counselors for Chabad’s Gan Israel day camp were at the scene of the attack. Having apparently crossed the street just moments beforehand, they narrowly missed the truck’s path of destruction, according Pinson.

    “They had to run from the truck,” says Pinson. “It was just a few feet away from them.”

    Members of the camp were initially placed in lockdown in a local restaurant. They have since left for the safety of the rabbi’s home.

    “Obviously, they are very upset, having seen everything—people falling and bodies,” reports Pinson.

    Chabad will be seeking professionals to help Gan Israel staff deal with the trauma.

    “We are praying for everyone who has been injured in this terrible attack,” says Pinson, who requests that people the world over keep Moshe ben Yaakov in mind during their prayers.

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    1. Really VIN, what a dumb headline and article, when the focus has to be on all the victims, the pain of the French, the resolve and reaction of the West as a WHOLE, not just another story of how one person was hurt, and how we care because he’s from our group. FRENCH LIVES MATTER!

      • With all due respect, I understand your point; but it is relevant to point out when a community member is impacted by an event. It brings the tragedy home and awakens a deeper empathy for all the victims as a whole. If there were Americans or British or Chinese among the dead or injured it will be pointed out by the relevant news outlets as well. Don’t be so quick to denigrate.

      • Sorry if u feel that way, but if u ever read the news , after a disaster every country specifies how many of their people were killed or injured . So we as Jews do the same. That doesn’t mean anyone is suggesting who’s life matters .

          • No i don’t , please explain !!! Why would it make a difference what country they come from. “Egocentric American .” or, maybe they write the news based on the crowd they are appealing to. And, Since VIN reports to the average Jewish population (aside from a few anonymous commentators) they do write that headline. Understand ????


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