Washington – Saudi Says Hopes Release Of ’28 Pages’ Clears Up 9/11 Suspicions


    FILE - In this Sept. 11, 2001 file photo the twin towers of the World Trade Center burn behind the Empire State Building in New York after terrorists crashed two planes into the towers causing both to collapse. The government is preparing to release a once-classified chapter of a congressional report about the attacks of Sept. 11, that questions whether Saudi nationals who helped the hijackers with things like finding apartments and opening bank accounts knew what they were planning. House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi said Friday July 15, 2016, that the release of the 28-page chapter is "imminent.”  (AP Photo/Marty Lederhandler)Washington – Saudi Arabia welcomed on Friday the release of classified pages of the official report on the Sept. 11 attacks, and hoped their release would clear up suspicions about Riyadh’s actions, intentions or long-term friendship with the United States.

    “Since 2002, the 9/11 Commission and several government agencies, including the CIA and the FBI, have investigated the contents of the ‘28 Pages’ and have confirmed that neither the Saudi government, nor senior Saudi officials, nor any person acting on behalf of the Saudi government provided any support or encouragement for these attacks,” Saudi Arabia’s ambassador to the United States, Abdullah al-Saud, said in a statement.

    “We hope the release of these pages will clear up, once and for all, any lingering questions or suspicions about Saudi Arabia’s actions, intentions, or long-term friendship with the United States.”

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    1. I read the entire twenty eight pages, which was finally posted online, after being withheld for over fourteen years. It is a shanda that our government felt so pressured by the Saudis, that it wouldn’t release those documents for so long. It did not clear the Saudis at all; on the contrary, page after page of that report, names various Saudi suspects, including the 9/11 hijackers, who had various contacts with members of the Saudi Royal family, as well as various Saudi ministers in their government. The FBI stated in the report, that it felt that there was evidence of Saudi involvement in the 9/11 attacks, at some level. Yet, nobody in our government, including both George W. Bush, and Barack Obama had the guts to go after the Saudis, on that matter. It seems that now that we are no longer dependent on their oil, that they should.be hit in the pocketbook, for their complicity in the 9/11 attacks. In fact, a few months before 9/11, the FBI asked the Saudis for the location of Osama Bin Laden. The Saudis stalled, and no information was forthcoming.


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