Cleveland – DNC Chair: Trump Is Anti-Semitic


    FILE - U.S. Representative Debbie Wasserman Schultz, Chair of the Democratic National Committee. ReutersCleveland – Newly minted GOP presidential nominee Donald Trump is directly responsible for stoking anti-Semitism within the Republican Party, and has demonstrated anti-Semitic tendencies himself, Debbie Wasserman Schultz, chair of the Democratic National Committee, told The Jerusalem Post on Wednesday.

    “Look at the anti-Semitism that he has clearly demonstrated throughout his candidacy,” Schultz (D-Florida) said, asked by the Post whether she believed anti-Semitism in the party reaches the top of its presidential ticket. “The anti-Semitism that is threaded throughout the Republican Party of late goes straight to the feet of Donald Trump.”

    Schultz commented shortly after the Republican National Committee was forced to shut down its convention live chat on Tuesday over a torrent of anti-Semitic rants. The episode is only one of several examples of an increasingly hostile environment for Jews, Schultz argued.

    She listed several others, including his tweeting out a graphic image of a six-pointed star over a pile of money that accused presumptive Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton of corruption; His speech to the Republican Jewish Coalition, during which he referred to the crowd as a bunch of clever dealmakers; His call for neutrality between Israel and the Palestinians and for a reduction in foreign aid; And his delay in repudiating David Duke, “a known anti-Semite.”

    He is “essentially fostering the anti-Semitic rants,” Schultz said.

    The Republican convention is currently under way here in Cleveland, where Trump was officially nominated as the party’s presidential nominee on Tuesday. He will formally accept the nomination on Thursday.

    The Democratic National Convention convenes next week in Philadelphia.

    “There is so much anti-Semitism in the Republican Party of today,” Schultz stated. “Bullying and demeaning people is no way to run a country.”

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    1. Sorry to say but it is the Democrats that are the home to the anti-Semitic crowds supporting BDS and hatred of Israel, among other things. Read about the platform fights about anti-Israel positions by Zogby, Cornell West and others.

      Trump has had Orthodox people working for him for many years (there was even an article here on vosizneias by one of them) and his daughter is Orthodox.

    2. Poppycock. She’ll say anything to advance Clinton’s poll number and pull Trump’s down. Trump has a Jewish daughter, son-in-law and grandchildren and Wasserman Schultz’s accusation is preposterous. While some of his supporters might be anti-semitic, Trump wouldn’t be caught dead kissing or embracing the spouse of a terrorist / murderer.

    3. she is a self hating jew and a demoRAT repeating narishkeit like the demoRAT/socialist/progressive /liberal platform that supports everything that is anti TORAH on this world

    4. Nice try Debbie Wasserman Schultz. Nobody truly believes that Trump is Anti-Semitic, so go back to the drawing board and find something else to throw on the wall to if it sticks. Go hug Suha Arafat.

    5. Marble Mouth Debbie is the worst lying sack of garbage
      she promoted the Iran neuclear with those lowest of Jew haters holocaust deniers
      that threaten daily to wipe Jews off the earth.
      She has been caught outright lying on many ocassions just like Hillary

    6. wow and I thought Trump was the demagogue!

      Now one may argue that his altitude fosters anti semtism although I disagree. To call the man an anti smetie is just plan lying and name callling. Hisd say it like it is style and lack of “peacy” altitude combined with some times rash and thoghtless actions are to lame. Its really quite obvious that theman has no hatred towards jews.

    7. Unfortunately, the vast majority of Trump’s campaign staff and workers are gentiles; very few, if any of the Republican delegates at the convention are Yidden. Trump has support from the biker types with tattoos. I don’t believe that he intentionally creates anti-semitism. I know that anti-semitism has arisen from many of his supporters online; he has really not made an effort to silence it, probably, for fear of losing votes. The entire fiasco, regarding the Star of David was created by a talena staff member, who alleged that “he celebrates the Jewish holidays with his wife’s family”. I guess that statement was supposed to make us feel better. Regarding Debbie Wasserman Schultz, former Congressman Allen West couldn’t stand her, as he called her a vile creature. She should be forced out of her position as Chair of the Democratic National Committee.

    8. I wish everyone on both sides would leave us out of this.

      They all love us when they want our votes and will ultimately all Gd forbid stick to us if we became a political liability.

      Republican, Democratic, they’re all the same.

      All ‘isms’ are treif. Conservatism, Liberalism, Socialism, Communism, all of them. A Yiddish who believes in any of them is a fool and a kofer.

        • Exactly. The problem with Liberalism isn’t that it is not Conservatism. The problem with Conservatism is not that it isn’t Liberalism.

          The problem with believing in either is that one who does so has placed a set of ideas over those of the Torah.

    9. The reality is that both Trump and Hillary stink in terms of Jews and Jewish interests. Trump courts white supremacists and uses anti-Jewish symbolism. Hillary and lefty Dems, like Sanders, hate Israel and are pro-Paley. We’re on our own, as usual.


      Why folks in her district keep voting for her is a testament to their caliber as well!


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