Jerusalem – Rabbi Berland Accused Of Inciting Followers To Commit Murder


    Ultra orthoodx jewish men gather to pray during a demonstration in support of Rabbi Eliezer Berland Outside the court in Lod, Central Israel on July 26, 2016. Photo by Avi Dishi/Flash90Jerusalem – Allegations continue to unfold against Rabbi Eliezer Berland, the “founder and spiritual leader” of Shuvu Banim Yeshiva in Jerusalem’s Old City, who has been on the lam for three and half years in an attempt to prevent standing trial for alleged sex crimes against four women prior to 2013 and intimidating one of the victim’s husbands.

    Israel’s Ch. 2 news reports ( that the rabbi, who was recently extradited from South Africa to Israel, directed his followers to kill one of his adversaries while he slept, saying in a 2013 video recording, “Send him straight to heaven. There is an explosive pack in the house. Put the explosive pack underneath his bed. An explosive pack, so that he’ll go straight to heaven.” The target of the attack is not identified in the video.

    Even before Berland’s return to Israel last week, other Breslov rabbis have maintained their distance from him, cautioning the public to do so as well. “We hereby announce our view that we have no part or share or ties with this man or any of his followers, and anyone who cares for his own well-being will keep his distance from him,” the rabbis said in a statement.

    According to Arutz 7, The rabbi’s son, Nachman, has called his own father either “totally wicked or mentally ill,” adding, “He pretends to be a great saint. My father has no shame. When people know about his crimes, they won’t come near him. My father is such a criminal.”

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    1. I don’t know about this specific Rabbi, but I am realizing that it is very possible for a person to become fully versed in Shas, while not having worked on his middos, or having very bad middos. As a matter of fact, anyone with a special skill such as chochma, has to work very carefully on himself so that he doesn’t become a baal gaiva. Throughout my yeshiva years, I think I saw several Rabbis that were baal gaiva. The truth is that anyone who owns a successful business or venture, should watch themselves very carefully – when the damage comes, it can destroy you and your olam habah.

      • you shouldnt talk about olam haba when u dont really understand these concepts, as far as this rabbi is concerned many people have been saying to stay away from him for many years. when he was popular i never heard his son nachman speak out like this. all these rabbi’s and leaders who are now coming out against this guy, never said a word against him for years. the only group that knew he was a charlatan and spoke out against his actions for over 25 years were the nanachs, and they were threatened many times by berlands thugs and supporters.

    2. At least you put quotation marks around the words founder and spiritual leader. This saga is a massive chillul Hashem. Can we assume that it is yet another chapter of the yisbareru v’yislabnu?

    3. A mentally ill misfit is respected as a sane person unbeleivable,this rabbi berland belongs in a lunatic asylem and should of been commited long time ago .

    4. Cult cult cult. People need to open their eyes. Invoking Loshon Horo, Moitzi Shem Ra etc, is not going to keep your children from being molested and raped.

    5. Why is site ignoring the confession on tape of how he abused the wives of his Hasidim?This is much worse and this is what the trial is all about.The explosive s allegation can not be proved that it was carried out.The tape of molestation of ladies where he confesses is pretty much cut and dry


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