Lexington, KY – Police: Armed Men Go To Wal-Mart To Prepare For Doomsday


    Lexington, KY – Police say a group of men with semi-automatic weapons and body armor went to a Kentucky Wal-Mart to prepare for doomsday.

    Lexington Police Lt. Jackie Newman tells the Lexington Herald-Leader (http://bit.ly/2anfYnk ) that officers were called to the Wal-Mart on Saturday night after people reported seeing men inside a car wearing body armor and holding weapons. A six-month old baby was also in the car.

    The men told police they were preparing for doomsday and needed supplies.

    Police found marijuana in the car and cited the men for the drugs, but did not charge them with any other violations. Police say a license is not required to have a semi-automatic weapon in a car.

    Lexington Police spokesman Richard Willoby says the men were not doing anything criminal with the weapons.

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    1. These people should make sure to stay out of trouble at least through November. We need every Trump vote we can scratch together. After Election Day, we’ll that’s a different story…

    2. To No. 1

      Hopefully, after November, these kind of sickos will not need to go to Walmart for their nutritional and housing needs; the Federal government will gladly provide at one of several lovely facilities in South Carolina, Kansas etc. If you really think the country is better off with nutcases wandering around in body armor and automatic weapons please get help.


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