Washington – Top Bush Family Operative Leaves GOP Over Trump


    FILE - Sally BradshawWashington – A former top adviser to Jeb Bush says she has left the GOP as a personal denunciation to presidential nominee Donald Trump.

    Sally Bradshaw tells the Associated Press by email that “it was a personal decision” to change her voter registration in her home state of Florida to no party affiliation. Earlier, she told CNN that the Republican Party has “nominated a total narcissist — a misogynist — and a bigot.” She also told CNN that she would consider voting for Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton if the election in her state were close.

    Bradshaw said she had considered the switch for months, but acted in light of Trump’s criticism of the Muslim parents of a U.S. soldier killed in Iraq.

    Bradshaw had worked on behalf of Republicans, including the former governor of Florida and the 1988 presidential campaign of his father, George H.W. Bush, for decades.

    Trump defeated Jeb Bush in the contest to be the 2016 Republican presidential nominee.

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    1. The ONLY thing she accomplished with this move is to make herself ineligible to vote in future Republican primaries, so she loses any ability to choose the next Republican candidate. The truth is both Bush Predidents were terrible, and bare responsibility for 16 years lost to the conservative cause, so good riddance Sally Bradshaw

    2. A person who can consider voting for Hillary are the types who worked for the Jeb Bush and GOP, closet liberals and bleeding heart lefties, that’s why the public was so upset and voted them out much more then they meant voting for the persona called Trump, interestingly, her act of leaving the GOP, and letting know she will possibly vote for her highness, reveals everything about her and the Liberal Bush Family. They just don’t get it

    3. There’s a relentless media mantra out there that Mr. Trump is a misogynist.
      ? Did anybody pay attention to Ivanka’s speech at the Republican Convention?
      We heard Ivanka say that at the Trump Organization women get equal pay and
      there are more women executives than men.
      ? Where are all the fact-checkers?

    4. It’s a major loss to GOP. I don’t know if GOP can ever recover from this crushing loss. I’m so happy that VIN is reporting one of the biggest stories of the year.

    5. Trump is a Menuval – a detestable, amoral person, who lacks the requisite knowledge (Bor Reik Sha’ayn Bo Mayim), or temperament to be the President of the USA. Our country would be headed significantly downward under his presidency. His latest controversy with the Khan family is a case in point. It can be characterized as Khan versus Con


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