San Francisco – Trump Loses Bid For Pretrial Win In Trump University Lawsuit


    Donald Trump appears at a news conference in New York in 2005 to announce the establishment of Trump University. (Bebeto Matthews / Associated Press)San Francisco – A U.S. judge on Tuesday rejected Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump’s pretrial bid to win a lawsuit brought by Trump University students who said they were defrauded into signing up for its real-estate seminars.

    U.S. District Judge Gonzalo Curiel said in a written ruling that there was a “genuine issue of material fact” as to whether Trump knowingly participated in a scheme to defraud the students.

    Curiel said there was extensive evidence Trump had not personally met, interviewed or selected Trump University instructors, though he represented they had been handpicked.

    In a July 22 hearing, Curiel tentatively denied the bid by Trump to dismiss the lawsuit in California, one of three over the defunct Trump University venture.

    Trump’s lawyers had argued that the 2013 lawsuit in U.S. District Court for the Southern District of California should be dismissed because the New York real estate mogul, though personally involved in developing the concept and curriculum, relied on others to manage Trump University by the time the plaintiffs purchased seminars.

    Trump’s lawyers claimed that references in marketing materials to “secrets,” “hand-picked” instructors or “university” were sales “puffery” and there was no evidence Trump intended to defraud students.

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    1. Trump is going a complain that the judge ruled against him because he wants to build a wall. Always complaining if things don’t go his way. If he were this truly benevolent billionaire he’d refund all the ill gotten Trump University tuition as a goodwill gesture.

      • “If he were this truly benevolent billionaire he’d refund all the ill gotten Trump University tuition as a goodwill gesture.”

        But, Trump is not benevolent and perhaps, not that big of a billionaire as well, as portrayed by his refusal to make public his tax returns and respond to the dare of Warren Buffett, to whom he is too cowardly to counter.

      • right and when Hillary proclaimed on 60 minutes that she feels the media has tow standards one for the rest of the world and one for the Clinton’s she was not whining and complaining?


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