Windham, NH – Trump Mocks Clinton’s ‘short Circuit’ Comment


    Republican U.S. presidential nominee Donald Trump attends a campaign event at Windham High School in Windham, New Hampshire August 6, 2016. REUTERS/Eric Thayer Windham NH – Republican Donald Trump is mocking Democratic rival Hillary Clinton for saying that she’d “short-circuited” when discussing her email controversy.

    Trump tells those at a rally in New Hampshire that Clinton’s “got problems” and that Americans “don’t want someone who’s going to short-circuit.”

    Trump is also saying that Islamic State militants are “salivating” at the prospect of Clinton’s election.

    The billionaire businessman is speaking in a hot gymnasium in Windham, New Hampshire, the state that gave him his first primary victory.

    Clinton this week said that she “may have short-circuited” when she incorrectly claimed that FBI Director James Comey said her answers to the bureau about her use of a private email server were “truthful.”

    Trump tweeted earlier that, “Anybody whose mind ‘SHORT CIRCUITS’ is not fit to be our president!”

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    1. Meshugana Donnie can only mock, not articulate in full sentences. No policies, no hope, no tax return, no nothing. Only mockery, insults, sentence fragments. Yesterday in Maine he delivered another racist rant, this time against exiles fleeing from war in Somalia. What a boor!

      • Oh yeah no plans? And whats Hilary’s plan? How will she defeat Isis? Or Rather I should say, does she have a winning plan or just the same old failed plans? If there are no new plans how do you expect to win? I that really a plan? Trump has plans to defeat Isis and I have listed it a few times already. And its proven to work as it has worked in the past.What are her plans to bring more middle class jobs to the USA?

    2. Now we’ve heard everything… short circuit.. Oh my this woman(and her husband) have more synonyms in their arsenal for lying than Eskimos have for snow!


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