Washington – Trump Would Stop Issuing Visas If Screenings Were Inadequate


    Donald Trump supporters during a campaign event for Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump in Fairfield, Connecticut, U.S., August 13, 2016. REUTERS/Michelle McLoughlin Washington – Donald Trump will declare an end to nation building if elected president, replacing it with what aides described as “foreign policy realism” focused on destroying the Islamic State group and other terrorist organizations.

    In a speech the Republican presidential nominee will deliver on Monday in Ohio, Trump will argue that the country needs to work with anyone that shares that mission, regardless of other ideological and strategic disagreements. Any country that wants to work with the U.S. to defeat “radical Islamic terrorism” will be a U.S. ally, he is expected to say.

    “Mr. Trump’s speech will explain that while we can’t choose our friends, we must always recognize our enemies,” Trump senior policy adviser Stephen Miller said ahead of the speech.

    Trump is also expected to outline a new immigration policy proposal under which the U.S. would stop issuing visas in any case where it cannot perform adequate screenings.

    It will be the third iteration of a policy that began with Trump’s unprecedented call to temporarily bar foreign Muslims from entering the country — a religious test that was criticized across party lines as un-American. In a speech following the Orlando nightclub shooting, Trump introduced a new standard, vowing to “suspend immigration from areas of the world where there is a proven history of terrorism against the United States, Europe or our allies, until we fully understand how to end these threats.” Now, aides say, the campaign needs access to undisclosed government documents to assess exactly where the most serious threats lie.

    Trump is also expected to propose creating a new, ideological test for admission to the country that would assess a candidate’s stances on issues like religious freedom, gender equality and gay rights. Through questionnaires, searching social media, interviewing friends and family or other means, applicants would be vetted to see whether they support American values like tolerance and pluralism.

    The candidate is also expected to call in the speech for declaring in explicit terms that, like during the Cold War, the nation is in an ideological conflict with radical Islam.

    Trump’s Democratic rival Hillary Clinton and top U.S. government officials have warned of the dangers of using that kind of language to describe the conflict, arguing that it plays into militants’ hands.

    While Trump has been criticized in the past for failing to lay out specific policy solutions, aides say that Monday’s speech will again focus on his broader vision. Additional speeches with more details are expected in the weeks ahead, they said.

    Trump is also expected to spend significant time going after President Barack Obama and Clinton, the former secretary of state, blaming them for enacting policies he argues allowed the Islamic State group to spread.

    “Mr. Trump will outline his vision for defeating radical Islamic terrorism, and explain how the policies of Obama-Clinton are responsible for the rise of ISIS and the spread of barbarism that has taken the lives of so many,” Miller said Sunday in an email, using an alternative acronym for the Islamic State group.

    The speech comes as Trump has struggled to stay on message. Last week, an economic policy speech he delivered calling for lower corporate taxes and rolling back federal regulations was overshadowed by a series of provocative statements, including falsely declaring that Obama was the “founder” of the Islamic State group.

    Trump’s allies said Sunday they’re confident that this time, the billionaire developer will stay on track.

    “Stay tuned, it’s very early in this campaign. This coming Monday, you’re going to see a vision for confronting radical Islamic terrorism,” his vice presidential running mate, Mike Pence, said on Fox News Sunday.

    Trump and his top advisers, meanwhile, have blamed the media for failing to focus on his proposals.

    “If the disgusting and corrupt media covered me honestly and didn’t put false meaning into the words I say, I would be beating Hillary by 20 percent,” he tweeted Sunday.

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    1. Trump, apparently unfamiliar with the Constitution’s Freedom of the Press, keeps attacking it. According to his latest ad lib on foreign policy, he would not be eligible for a visa, as he has no clue about American values. People are getting tired of his whining and complaints about him being a ‘victim’. He dumping in all the polls too.

      • People are tired of the media lying as well.
        Oh and speak about whining let me remind you that Hilary said on 60 minutes, that I feel there are two standards, the world and the Clintons. Talk about whining.

        • Hillary is the more vetted candidate in History. She has a voting record (the media does talk about that.) She left her position as SOS with a tremendous approval rating (the media does talk about that.) She was exonerated by 9 (panels about Libya (with a cost of $18 Million tax dollars) and the media still yells “Benghazi!”

          TRump has no voting record. He flipped on almost everything. Abortion. Iraq. Minimum wages. Illegals. Gun control. Religion. His business successes. His civil law suits. His criminal law suits. His donations. The purpose of government. Almost everything. And when the media calls him out, TRumps tweets ‘sarcasm.’

          We need a principled person as POTUS. Not a joker.

    2. Trump is … creating a new, ideological test for admission to the country that would assess a candidate’s stances on issues like religious freedom, gender equality and gay rights. “[Those who] support American values like tolerance and pluralism.”
      == Religious freedom, like Shiria courts? Bais Din?
      == Gender equality. Like equal pay for equal work?
      == Gay rights. Like transgender bathrooms?

      Would TRumps supporters pass this test?


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