Jerusalem – Police Arrest 3 In Haredi Protest In Jerusalem Over IDF Enlistment


    Jerusalem – Dozens of haredi Jews protest arrests over refusal to enlistment in IDF

    Dozens of ultra-Orthodox Jews protested outside the IDF Recruitment Office in Jerusalem on Sunday over the arrest of members of the haredi community who refuse to serve in the military.

    Part of the demonstrators attempted to block off the street where they were located before police arrived at the scene to the disperse the crowd.

    During the protest, police arrested three demonstrators, two who were suspected of assaulting officers and a minor who caused damage to a patrol vehicle.

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    1. Dina dmalchusa Dina, there is no right of damaging patrol vehicles or assault an officer, let these so called zealots rest in prison.
      The satmar faction of Jerusalem has shifted way too far to extremism.
      Rabeinu yoel would never allowed this.

    2. Its good to see the police not idly standing by and allowing these disruptive demonstrations and instead taking forceful actions to make those participate pay a price.

    3. no one who is learning in a yeshiva has to go into the army; he takes papers from his yeshiva to the army and gets a yearly deferment. It is a very simple process.

      Only idiots or trouble makers do not follow the simple rules. The government sends the forms two or three times before they send the military police to fetch the person.

      Those who are protesting are nothing more than trouble makers too.

      Anyone and everyone who learns in a yeshiva knows how simple it is to get a deferment.

      • why only three?, it’s high time the authorities take off their velvet gloves when dealing with these criminally insane ignorant savages,they need to be locked up for a long time including their gangster leadership who instigate and encourage them.


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