New York – Trump Aide Says Tax Audit ‘a Serious Matter’


    Kellyanne Conway, left, campaign manager for Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump, attends his Hispanic advisory roundtable meeting in New York, Saturday, Aug. 20, 2016. A right is Rick Figueroa, first vice president for FINC Firm of Houston. (AP Photo/Gerald Herbert)New York – Now that she’s Donald Trump’s campaign manager, Kellyanne Conway says she no longer believes Trump needs to release his tax returns.

    During the GOP presidential primaries, Conway headed a super political action committee that supported one of Trump’s rivals, Texas Sen. Ted Cruz. Conway told an interviewer back then that she believed Trump should be more transparent and release his returns.

    Trump claims he can’t do so because he’s being audited.

    Conway tells ABC’s “This Week” that now that she’s on the inside, she realizes “that this audit is a serious matter, and he has said when the audit is complete he will release his tax returns.”

    Conway also says that as a pollster, she knows what voters really care about is their own tax rates, and she argues Trump offers a better plan on that than Democrat Hillary Clinton

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      • Yes he probably will see that he is not so rich, owes the government alot of money and does nt give charity. Are you happy now? Ok so now who knows how to lead better? Who is the forward thinker?

        • So you say that you are supporting a person who is a liar, is a terrible businessman, and who has zero experience in government. At least Clinton was a senator and secretary of state.

          • Clinton was a failed leader. She got us into the whole middle east mess time and time again never learning form her mistakes. (Egypt,Libya & Syria). h e fact that Clinton was a senator and secretary of state is actually her biggest liability. Because we now know how poor she did at those jobs.
            I support a liar because all politicians lie. Hilary lies too. So whats the difference how they lie. My support is based on policy. So I say who offers the smartest policy. And thats Trump.

      • You are the only guy that stil thinks Putin is the evil soviet Union from the 20th century. Its time to get past this. Its called foward thinking. Now lets see who is our enemy #1? Is it Putin or Islamic extremism? Because we can’t fight a million wars at once. This is why we loose and will never win. You have to pick your worse enemy and worry about the rest later. So stop with your Putin nonsense.

    1. What the article (“biased crooked media”) is not reporting, she was asked that his tax returns from 2002-2008 are not audited, why wouldn’t he release that? she ignored the question, and began talking that the tax rate the american’s will pay is of more importance to the American’s.

      If being audited is any reason not to release!

    2. Of all the things I fault Mr. Trump for, he taxes aren’t one of them. Anyone in his business is one accountant away from jail. That is just the nature of real estate, especially big-city read estate. I just assumed from the get-go he was a tax cheat.

    3. He’ll probably release it a day after election day and say see y6u should have voted for me. But without his tax returns I don’t vote for the donald! Right now I do not trust him!


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