Brooklyn, NY – Chasidic Boy Biking To School Seriously Injured; Helmet Cited For Possibly Saving His Life


    Brooklyn, NY – A 12 year old Chasidic boy is fighting for his life in a Brooklyn hospital after being hit by a car as he rode his bicycle to school this morning.

    Police said that the accident took place just before 7 AM at the corner of Cortelyou and Dahill roads in Kensington. The boy was riding westbound on Cortelyou Road on his way to the Stoliner yeshiva when he was hit by a car traveling northbound on Dahill Road.

    Police responded to a 911 call placed at 6:58 this morning and found the bicyclist lying in the roadway with severe head trauma. A picture tweeted by Misaskim of the boy’s severely mangled bicycle helmet was accompanied by the words “This helmet the boy wore this morning when struck by a car @misaskim reminds u without it he wouldn’t stand a chance.”

    The 24 year old driver of the 2015 Lexus remained at the scene and police said there appears to have been no criminality involved in the incident.

    The boy, who is just three months shy of his bar mitzvah, was transported by Hatzolah to Maimonides Hospital in critical condition. He is currently undergoing surgery for a serious brain injury.

    The public is asked to daven for Moshe Yehuda ben Rochel Miriam.

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        • No, it’s a sign of a cheaply made helmet! Nonetheless, I cant emphasize enough how important it is to wear a well made helmet. Unfortunately, I see half the kids in williamsburg riding without a helmets.

          • Your comment # 6 is a sign of opining when you don’t have all the facts. Perhaps, to comment on this you need to know the force involved which is affected by speed and mass, among other factors.
            Ultimately, public health experts will remind you that life is full of compromises. If better helmets become more costly the result will be more people not buying them.

          • All helmets sold in the US pass the same safety standards. A helmet is designed to break on impact. Otherwise it would transfer the impact to the head and it wouldn’t be much of a protection.

        • I believe you are incorrect. Having ridden a motorcycle in New York City streets for 5 years, the helmet is supposed to absorb any impact to it and protect the rider’s skull from injury. If it shatters after being struck by a vehicle and the rider goes flying up in the air, how is his skull going to be protected when his head hits the pavement when he lands?

          • You are 100%right that i am incorrect. I am NOT in the helmet business but i assume Helmets for motor cycles are designed and manufactured differently.
            Bike helmets are designed for kids with a much lighter weight then motor bikers.
            Kids can NOT carry such a weight on their heads as MotorBikers.
            Kids helmets are not designed for Car accidents like real bikers. They are designed to take the impact of a fall or minor accidents like crashing into a tree or a wall.
            Motorbikes drive on street and highway speed and the chances of getting killed or injured by head injuries are so much more then a kid getting hit by a car.
            Seeing the picture of this kids helmet and he is b”H still alive i believe the helmet did a great job.

    1. As soon as the requirement to wear helmets when biking came out, my 8 year old daughter wore a helmet, fell off her bike onto her head, and only got a scratch on her cheek. I was so thankful for that helmet. It is very important.

    2. there are no words to express the amount of kavod i have reserved for misaskim, but i feel that posting a picture of the boy’s helmet was insensitive. an awful visual of a little boy’s crushed skull can be done with words, not the actual helmet from the scene of the accident

      refuah shlaima for this boy

    3. With all due respect for my fellow VIN posted, the first 10 posts i read here and without a doubt from the dumbest i have seen. Your all are clueless about the standards, a child in the hospital and youur spewing stupid comments, please say a kappiitil thillim, his name is above

      • I don’t know if the driver is to blame, I did not see video. The difference in mass alone or combined with speed of collision makes any accident terrible and seem like there was excessive speed.
        As to age 24; most young men drive at that age. It is because of people’s opinons and not reality that we forced my elderly mother to stop driving. She probably drove better than most frum women in Brooklyn. I admit sheshe is not qualified because she does not use a smartphone while driving.

    4. Today at 02:11 PM
      Anonymous Says:
      Why are helmets forbidden in New Square?
      the same reason women and men can’t walk on the same side of street.the same reason all men must wear heavy boots in the middle of summer even in 90 degree heat,the same reason you cannot pray anyplace else but in the Rebe’s shul,and if you transgressed that rule they burn your house down together with your family.the same reason a Jew who is not a Skverrer chasid cannot buy a house within two miles of New Square.
      I could go on and on,but you get the drift.



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