Brooklyn, NY – Brutal Images Of Menachem Stark’s Remains Shown As Medical Examiner Testifies In Murder Case


    Kendel Felix (pictured left in court May 1 2014) is arraigned for the murder of Menacham Stark in Brooklyn Criminal Court. APBrooklyn, NY – It was a difficult day yesterday for both jurors and family members in the trial of Kendel Felix, accused of killing Brooklyn landlord Menachem Stark in January 2014.

    Several family members left the courtroom after being advised that medical examiner Brian O’Reilly would testify about nine gruesome pictures of Stark’s remains, according to the New York Post.

    Using a laser pointer to trace a photo of Stark’s remains shown on a courtroom projector, O’Reilly described the depth of the damage sustained by Stark’s body. In all nine graphic images were displayed by O’Reilly, bringing family members to tears and prompting several jurors to cover their eyes.

    O’Reilly described severe burning to both Stark’s clothing and skin, extending to his abdominal wall, groin, thighs and upper hands. Flames had left Stark’s thigh bones visible and “charred off” one of Stark’s hands. The damage to Stark’s abdomen was so severe, said O’Reilly, that it left his intestines and other organs exposed.

    Despite the horrific nature of the images shown in court, O’Reilly testified that Stark was dead before his body was set on fire and left in a Great Neck dumpster on a snowy Friday night. Miniscule red splotches found in Stark’s eyes showed that he had died of asphyxiation.

    “I believe the victim was either sat upon or something very heavy was placed on his chest and neck,” said O’Reilly.

    Still, death had not been quick in coming said O’Reilly, who said it likely took “minutes” for Stark to die. O’Reilly also noted that several receipts, a comb and a $40,000 check were found on Stark’s body but that his yarmulka was missing.

    One person in the courtroom appeared to be unmoved by the extremely graphic pictures shown by the prosecution: the defendant, who is said to have looked on blankly as the photographs were displayed.

    Earlier this summer Felix said that it was his cousin who had masterminded a plot to rob Stark, as previously reported on VIN News ( A psychologist for the defense said that the 28 year old Felix was left severely impaired by a motorcycle accident and with an IQ of 87 was capable of confessing to a crime he didn’t commit. A forensic psychologist testifying for the prosecution refuted those claims ,categorizing Felix as a calculated liar, saying that she had found him to be “demanding and controlling” and capable of getting “angry and irritable when his needs aren’t met.”

    To date, Felix is the only person who has been charged with Stark’s murder. If convicted, he faces 50 years to life in prison.

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      • the murder was not brutal, it was a strangulation. the treatment of the already-dead body was brutal.

        But ewhat should I expect froma person who uses the name of a has-been comedian as his pen name without permission?


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