Ramapo, NY – Bias Suit Against East Ramapo School Board Dismissed


    FILE - In this March 19, 2013 file photo, members of the East Ramapo School Board  are seated at a table together during a school board meeting in in Spring Valley, N.Y.  APRamapo, NY – A 2014 lawsuit charging the East Ramapo School Board of illegally showing favoritism to private school students has been dismissed by a federal court.

    News 12 reported that the class action lawsuit, filed by taxpayers, public school parents and individual students, said that public school students in the district suffered because the school board, which has at times been controlled completely or largely by Orthodox Jewish men, illegally channeled money to yeshiva special education programs.

    Judges on the U.S. Second Circuit Court of Appeals ruled 3 to 1 this week in favor of the school district, saying that there was no basis for a lawsuit.

    A lawyer representing public school parents in the district called the ruling “significant and unfortunate.” It is unknown whether those parents will take advantage of a 30 day window to appeal the ruling.

    A spokesperson for the school board declined to comment on the ruling.

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    1. Finally. One sane ruling over the last tens of years. The board is representative of the population it serves, and has been trying to provide at least some reprieve, and appropriate, educational service for students with disabilities.

      I truly hope this unfair treatment of Chareidy children with special needs stops already.

    2. I agree that the public school kids get education for free. What I can’t understand is why are they entitled to before and after school programs and musical classes for FREE??? And if it is given for free why are the non-public school children not equally entitled to those non-education programs??? Isn’t this pure discrimination??


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