Brooklyn, NY – Scripture Becomes Couture As Brooklyn Man Protests Judge’s Ban On Reading Religious Passages In Court


    Aaron Akaberi at the Brooklyn Supreme court waiting for his case to be called on Wednesday, September, 14, 2016. (Stefan Jeremiah/, NY – A Brooklyn man who had been prohibited from reading from Judaic texts during a pre-trial hearing found another way to bring his religious beliefs into the courtroom, arriving in Brooklyn Supreme Court yesterday wearing a shirt and hat covered with religious writings.

    30 year old Aaron Akaberi, who was arrested on a variety of drug charges, wore a paper hat bearing the words of the Sheva Mitzvos Bnei Noach and a shirt that appeared to be made of taped together pages of a Hebrew-English Chumash.

    The New York Post reported that Akaberi is a colorful character who has found himself in the media spotlight on several occasions: he stagined a bizarre hunger strike in 2006 as a student at the University of Binghamton and was booted from the Air Force for refusing to participate in training exercises because they violated the beliefs of his religion, which he dubbed “Aaronism.”

    Law enforcement sources paint a far more sinister picture of Akaberi, describing him as both dangerous and manipulative and, according to Gothamist, Akaberi has a string of prior arrests.

    Akaberi never got a chance to present his unusual attire to Judge Martin Murphy. His court hearing was adjourned to a later date, but Akaberi told reporters that he had entered a plea of “not guilty” with the court.
    Aaron Akaberi at the Brooklyn Supreme court waiting for his case to be called on Wednesday, September, 14, 2016. (Stefan Jeremiah/

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      • you really believe this is chilil hashem? This is America and its Freedom of Speech
        Every Meshuganer is entitled to his expression. Just watch how Trump and Hillary behave this man sounds NORMAL

    1. This guy has a long history of fighting with all sorts of institutions (and invariably losing). He was kicked out of the Air Force Academy for having invented his own religion (Aaronism) as a way to avoid having to do things he didn’t like during basic training. He was involved in a hunger strike at Binghamton when he was in college because he didn’t want to participate in the required food program.

      His life has been spiraling downwards ever since with at least three arrests for 1)serving alcohol to minors 2) hiding guns and drugs at a Chabad youth center and, most recently, having drugs and guns in his apartment in Crown Heights.


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