Ontario, Canada – Toronto Community Mourns 27 Year Old Who Died In Canadian Highway Crash


    . Left to right Patricia Kadoche, Moshe Kadoche and sister Jessica Davis.Ontario, Canada – An Orthodox Jewish man from Toronto who died on Sunday in a multi-vehicle crash on an Ontario highway will be buried this afternoon at the Pardes Shalom Cemetery in the Thornhill section of Toronto.

    Moshe Kadoche of Thornhill was killed in the collision on Ontario’s Highway 401 which involved a tractor trailer and two other vehicles. The 27 year old Kadoche was making the approximately 300 mile trip from his home in Toronto to Montreal with his parents, Michel and Annie Kadoche, and his sister Patricia, all of whom were seriously injured in the accident.

    Accord to the Canadian news site The Recorder, the accident took place at 2:22 PM on Sunday afternoon on the eastbound highway near Brockville. Traffic was backed up for miles as Ontario Provincial Police investigated the incident, with the westbound lanes of the roadway closed until the evening and the eastbound lanes reopened after midnight.

    Augusta fire chief Rob Bowman said that firefighters were called to the scene, working to extricate victims from two vehicles that had landed in a ditch on the southern side of the highway.

    According to updates posted on Facebook by Kadoche’s sister, Nathalie Kimhi, Patricia Kadoche has already undergone two surgeries and is currently in stable condition but will require further surgeries. In a call for prayers on Facebook, Mrs. Kimhi posted, “THANK YOU TO ALL OF YOU WHO HAVE REACHED OUT TO US. We feel your love and achdut. We are in shock as well.”

    Mikey Peres, a long time friend who shared a room with Kadoche in Jerusalem’s Yeshiva Yesod Hatorah in Jerusalem, said that Kadoche was an extremely special person.

    “He was the kind of individual who was peaceful with everyone and had no enemies,” Peres told VIN News. “He never judged people and always had a good vibe to be around. Whenever there were quarrels, he was always the middle guy, the intermediary who made sure that a peaceful resolution would occur.”

    Peres said described Kadoche as “a great soul.”

    “We were all truly blessed by his presence,” said Peres. “I am grateful for the moments I shared with him. He is a friend that will always be remembered.”

    Mordy Sasportas who knew Kadoche from both summer camp and yeshiva remembered Kadoche as someone who was full of personality and energy, yet still extremely sensitive and compassionate.

    “He gifted me with so many enriching experiences throughout my life,” said Sasportas. “He was larger than life and nothing could stop him.”

    Sasportas said that Kadoche, the youngest in his family and the only son, maintained extremely close relationships with his family, was the doting uncle to his nieces and nephews and best friends with his sisters. Friendships were also of paramount importance to Kadoche who also gave of himself to strangers.

    “I saw him give homeless people fifty dollars, twenty dollars,” recalled Sasportas. “He did so much for his friends when they didn’t even know he was doing it. He inspired all of us to do good and he really motivated us. He was such a gift in my life; what a blessing.”

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