Lakewood, NJ – Jewish Teen Harassed In Bias Incident Outside Howell Walmart


    Lakewood, NJ – An Orthodox Jewish teen standing outside a Lakewood area Walmart found himself the victim of a bias incident when he was pushed and told to leave the area by an unidentified Hispanic woman.

    According to the Howell Police Department, the encounter took place on September 5th at approximately 10 PM at the Route 9 Walmart Supercenter Howell, approximately two miles north of the Lakewood border.

    Detective Sergeant Christian Antunez of the Howell Police Department said that the woman walked up to the teen, who was standing in front of the store with friends and confronted him aggressively and without provocation, despite attempts by a male companion to restrain her.

    The woman asked the teen if he was from Lakewood and then said “Go back to Lakewood you [expletive] Hasidic Jews,” before pushing the teen and entering the store. The teen called police to report the incident, but the woman had already departed the store in what appeared to be a late model four door Kia Optima before they arrived.

    The woman was described as white and in her mid twenties to early thirties with long dark hair and was wearing a white print tank top at the top the incident took place.

    Anyone with any information regarding the suspect is asked to contact Detective Corporal Nancy Carroll at or 732-938-2894.

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    1. Maybe it’s time to start teaching traditional Jewish boys and girls to defend themselves and fight back, the same way secular Jews are taught to fight back by their fathers. Main reason so many people pick on Jews is that so many are too wimpy to fight back.
      Nobody picks on me or my kids, believe me.

    2. I agree with #1. Another thing – why didn’t any of the victim’s friends snap her picture or record the incident… & get the witch’s license plate? Answer: are they are “allowed” phones with cameras? It’s time some common sense & reality was applied, in the interest of safety.


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