Borough Park, NY – Source: Suspect Who Lured Chasidic Minor Into Car And Performed Sex Act Possibly Identified By NYPD


    Borough Park, NY – A Chasidic boy collecting donations for his yeshiva in Borough Park last week was lured into a car by an unidentified man who proceeded to masturbate in front of the child.

    The incident took place on September 14th at approximately 7 PM, said police.

    The nine year old boy was approached by an unidentified bearded man who appeared to be an Orthodox Jew in front of 4913 18th Avenue.

    The man promised the child $5 if he came into his car, which police say may be a grey minivan. Once the two were in the vehicle, the man gave the child the money and then masturbated in front of the boy. When he was finished, the man handed the boy $100 and allowed him to leave.

    Police have yet publicly identified the name of the suspect, but sources have told VIN News that the suspect is from Williamsburg and is believed to be known to the child.

    The parents reported the incident to the police on September 20th and the NYPD special victims unit is investigating.

    Assemblyman Dov Hikind said that, sadly, incidents of this nature take place in the Jewish community far too often and noted that this took place just five blocks from where Leiby Kletzky was lured to his death five years ago.

    “I think this is wakeup call,” Hikind told VIN News. “We have an amazing community but there are people within our community who are sick and need to be removed from the streets.”

    Hikind praised the boy’s parents for reporting the incident to the police.

    “Most of the time people shove incidents like this under the rug and life just goes on and that is a horror,” said Hikind. “If we don’t get someone like this off the streets who will his next victim be?”.

    The incident was first reported by The NY Daily News.

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    1. #1 what are you suggesting? should he not play ball outside , ride a bike … boy did the right thing & told his parents . most of the time boy will be just fine yes its unfortunate . as far as the guy who did it also a rachmanus maybe amudim can offer a program to help these people control these yetzer horas . even if it wont help completly but if it reduces the incidense by 40 % thats huge

      • You are looking at a statistical estimate. I look at this a bit more closely. Getting this guy off the streets drops the incidence of him re-offending to 0%. And every perp we can catch and lock up affects the overall statistic even more.

      • No. You don’t Need “Amudim” for a “bearded” man who molests a 9 year old boy. This is a case for ISIS and Sharia Law. We have plenty of Pakistanis and Mosques in Brooklyn. We simply need to hand this piece of shmutz over to them and they can cure him permanently by giving him a gender change operation the way they do in Syria with the thieves by chopping off their hands. Except it won’t be his hand. Or they can throw him of a roof head first. It is a very effective treatment and works 100% of the time.

      • That’s correct. A nine year old should not be walking alone in the the street. Higher socioeconomic status segments of society know that. Lower SES segments including Blacks, Hispanics, Chassidim, and certain immigrant groups just don’t seem to have the same approach to safety as we do.

        • Yes. The “Higher socioeconomic status segments” stay home with their nannies and play with their computers, thus never developing proper social interaction with other kids. Playing with friends on the street or riding a bike during warm weather is ok. Sickos out to harm people who are living and walking amongst us is not. They should be put away and the streets will be safe again.

    2. Mr. Hikind, I’m sure the police would love to crack this case, but they are currently too busy conducting a major investigation into the guy who removed someone’s yarmulka at Yankee Statium.

    3. It’s a new era. Back in the days something like this would’ve never been spoken about altogether.
      Finally we came to our senses and we are all starting to realize that shoving such things under the rug only harms the children to no end.
      There’s one person that deserves all the credit for bringing all this awareness to us.
      Rabbi Nochem Rosenberg is a big hero for doing what he has done. He’s a real tzadik.

      • Has he tried to guess the name of the perp, and run to channel 7 yet? All he wants is to baschmutz people. I consider myself fortunate that I will not be under the same roof as him when I daven Rosh Hashanah. I have not a shred of mercy for the perp, and hope he sits alone in a cell for a long time. Stop giving Rosenberg credit for being a sonei Yisroel.

    4. bimei chazal or if there was a sanhedrin , what would be the halachic punishment for such a act? any mekoros appreciated , what is this aveira caaled in torah terms – in front of a kattan?

      • If Sanhedrin would be around in the current degenerate society, they would hopefully exercise their hallachic power to take the law into their own hands (see Sanhedrin 81b and Rambam, Hilchos Sanhdedrin, Chapter 11). They would put this guy into the kipah, so he would die a miserable death.

    5. Nebech, what a nauseating, disgusting event. The bearded man will be found, and his name and face plastered all over. If the rabbis have a problem with this, find another ruv.

    6. Children should be reminded every day by their parents as well as teachers about not talking to strangers, going into cars, following them etc. It seems, even if they know the person, they should not follow him. Children need to hear this every day. We all need to be vigilant.

    7. Back then, in the old days when I was 9 y.o. I went with a friend to the Bronx zoo one way on the subway took over 2 hours with 3 changes of trains . We had no fear of any violence in those days.

    8. Could this be his first act of child endangerment? I don’t think so..but finally he can be taken off the streets and let the children be children. Bravo to the child and parents for taking the case to the law enforcement.

    9. As a mother, grandmother & a mandated reporter, I’m sick of all this garbage about meseira. It is NOT meseira when a child’s welfare is at risk. Is that why Malka Leifer, Mondrowitz, Kolko, Weinberg and others were able to carry out so many acts of perversion, both in the US & undoubtedly in Israel.

      I once asked my Rav when is meseira actually meseira? He told me when it is a financial crime. And that is why when my son discovered some money-laundering during an audit of a Yeshiva he did not report it (it was not drugs or criminal money. No, I do not know which Yeshiva or even where it is.)

      Tragically, I have had to report parents and brothers for CSA/incest. Do you think that weighs heavily on me? Of course, but not because it was meseira; it is because the cases (plural) were sickening & I couldn’t sleep. Imagine a Jewish MOTHER abusing her child??

      Of all the comments I have seen on this thread, Blondi says it the best. I pray that the klalahs we read today in Shul and the fates in the Unatanei Tokef tefillah we agonize over on the Yamim Noraim are reserved only for those who commit such heinous crimes

    10. For those wanting the halacha pls refer to sefer Yeshurin vol 15 for the tschuva of rabbi elyashiv and R moshe halberstm zt”l. The psak states clearly that the responsibility to report child abuse (in all forms) is not limited to professionals nor to “rabanim”, its mandatory on every individual to report child abuse. However if there’s a doubt if its true then a beis din should decide -Again only if there’s a doubt! In this case the parents KNOW its true so they have the halachik and moral responsibility to report. Now for those that wana know what it’s called in torah its called משכב זכר and the punishment is clearly written in ladt weeks parsha (death penalty). in a case where the crime didn’t fit the exact criteria for מיתה beisdin had the power to give מכות מרדות. The Rambam writes in sn event where he doesn’t get killed he has to pay נזק צער and בושת.
      And now for whoever was bashing hatzadik nuchem Rosenberg shlita just hope you are aware that every day that a kid does not get hurt, its his credit! He was the first snd for msny years the only one that stood up for kids effectively saving Judaism! History will (and is) proving that. Now i dont agree with everything he does, however if you’d be in his shoes and know what he knows, I bet you wouldn’t be any different. Now for whoever mentioned amudim, i have news fir you. They Do offer help for molesters! Those willing to be helped have a way, all you need is the will! Unfortunately a lot dont have the will and therefore the only option is putting them behind bars so that they shouldn’t hurt others. Its That simple! In this particular case the parents deserve a medal for doing the right thing.
      And for those complaining why the kid was collecting, unfortunately MOST yeshivas and even schools demand that the kids go collecting for the school/yeshiva and its a story for itself, but this kid was just following orders cant blame him.

      • Time to STOP this collecting business . If even one child is put in danger,its not worth all the money in the world.
        P.S. if his name becomes public, I feel terrible for all family members…parents wife, kids… its so sad…so sad.


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