United Kingdom – London Boy Forced To Take Off Yarmulka By Pack Of Teens


    London – Remove your yarmulka or get beaten up.

    That was the choice that an 11 year old Orthodox Jewish boy in the London suburb of Hackney faced yesterday as he walked home from school at 6:30 PM on Wednesday evening, reported The Evening Standard.

    The boy told the Metropolitan Police Service that the boy was walking home his yeshiva located on Leaside Road in Upper Clapton when he was surrounded by a group of older boys and girls who would not let him go by until he removed his yarmulka. The boy, who was not physically harmed in the incident, said he did not recognize any of his attackers.

    While the boy’s parents did not want to make a formal police report, they allowed Shomrim to report the incident as a third party report, according to the Hackney Gazette. A spokesman for Shomrim said that the incident happened near the boy’s home.

    “The child said he tried to run away but the youths blocked his way,” said the spokesman.

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      • Perhaps. However, growing up in the 60’s and 70’s in New York, I experienced as a kid this type of anti-semitism from every single group of gentiles that lived here at the time, and the vast majority of the anti-semites were not Muslims, but were, Blacks, Puerto Ricans, Italians, and Irish.

      • What do you know that the article doesn’t reveal? I say they were hooligan soccer fans! I have as much evidence as you, old Boy.

        And when there is a story about a Muslim being discriminated against…do you reply “VIN Yid?”


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