Brooklyn, NY – Police Name Williamsburg Suspect Who Lured BP Boy Into Car For Sex Act


    Brooklyn, NY – It was good police work that led police to the Williamsburg man that they believe lured a nine year old Chasidic boy to his vehicle and then performed a sex act in front of the child.

    38 year old Chaim Weissman was arrested on Friday at 2 PM, said police.

    As previously reported on VIN News(, Weissman allegedly promised the nine year old, who was collecting money for his yeshiva, $5 to come into his grey Chevrolet minivan, giving him another $100 after he masturbated in his car.

    Police said that Weissman, who lives on Ross Street, has no prior arrests and that there was no reason to believe that he knew or touched his victim. A spokesperson at the NYPD said that video surveillance footage led them to Weissman.

    Weissman was charged with four counts of sexual abuse, four counts of forcible touching, acting in a manner injurious to a child and three counts of abuse.

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    1. “there was no reason to believe that he knew or touched his victim”
      next sentence: “four counts of forcible touching”
      So which one is it? Poor reporting of this story.

    2. How inappropriate to have this here. The kid made it up. Nothing to do with us, not our business. Hashem wouldn’t let this happen so must be untrue. The kid must be a Gilgul of an evil person and deserved it. Wait a minute, what if it was my child?? Let me rethink that. (Sarcasm intended)

    3. One of the issues not addressed is this forced collecting by kids using rewards/ coercion / peer pressure by yeshivas. No wonder why this 9 year old went into his car to get the five dollars for his yeshiva. When I was 12 I went collecting and someone offered me twenty for my yeshiva and twenty for me if he could perform a sex act on me

    4. According to the mentality that a yeshiva bochur that comes late to Shacharis, and is penalized with a monetary fine – that money undoes the violation of halacha or yeshiva rules – then the $100 should erase the sin of destroying the innocence of a neshomoh.

    5. # 1 agrees the book should be thrown at this guy.
      All he asked was if according to the story reported, he didn’t touch the child, how can he be charged with forcible touching?

    6. Think most off you guys are pretty much on track today אחת דתו and not hiding he must be punished to full extent just bitter רחמנות to his own kids….but know one yet here was talking about the issue that you alow your 9 year old go collecting for the מוסדות on the street is think these parents also should be thought some serious parenting…I only alow my boys collect in shul after 16/17 in shull..only letting out you’re kids is also reckless and completely irresponsible הפקרות

      • agree 100%, why are the yeshivas getting off scot free? this forced shnorring had GOT TO STOP, next case can CV be even worse theses kids get desperate because of all this pressure

    7. A frum yid being motzi zera l’vatala right before Rosh Hashanah? And paying a katan to watch him be motzi zera l’vatala, which the Torah considers equivalent to murder?

    8. This article and some comments really summarize what is wrong with us, our kehilos and the chinuch in our mosdos.
      This plague is destroying the innocent and holiest of the next generation.
      The silver lining is they didn’t ask their rebbe. Instead the police were called and the child will get professional help.


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