New York – Lawyer: NYPD Officer Charged In Road-rage Killing


    New York – A New York City police officer has been charged in the road-rage killing of an unarmed motorist.

    Defense attorney Stephen Worth confirmed Monday that a Brooklyn grand jury voted to indict Officer Wayne Isaacs on murder and manslaughter charges. He said his client would appear in court on Tuesday.

    Isaacs was off duty and behind the wheel of his car on July 4 when he and Delrawn Small got in a traffic dispute.

    Small got out of his car and confronted the officer. The officer responded by shooting him through the driver’s side window.

    At the time, police said Isaacs claimed that Small tried to assault him. But a security video cast doubt on that story.

    A spokesman for the state Attorney General’s office, which brought the case, declined comment.

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    1. I wrote it at the time and now I’ll write it again.
      In this case, two lives are ruined. An unjustified homicide of an aggressive driver and a long stint in jail for an angry cop who would have been much better off had he placed his weapon in the trunk.


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