Brooklyn, NY – DOJ: Six Individuals From Williamsburg Charged In Large-Scale Government Benefits Fraud


    Brooklyn, NY – Preet Bharara, the United States Attorney for the Southern District of New York, and Mark G. Peters, Commissioner of the New York City Department of Investigation (“DOI”), announced today the filing of criminal charges against six defendants for participating in long-running schemes to hide substantial assets and income obtained from significant business and real estate interests in order to attain government benefits designed for low-income individuals.

    In total, the defendants allegedly obtained more than $1.3 million of government benefits.

    Sholomo Kubitshuk, Rachel Kubitshuk, Naftali Englander, and HINDA Englander were charged in one complaint, and Leib Teitelbaum and Devorah Teitelbaum were charged in a separate complaint. The defendants were arrested in Brooklyn this morning and are scheduled to appear in Manhattan federal court later today.

    U.S. Attorney Preet Bharara said: “For over a decade, this ring of six defendants allegedly lied to city and federal officials about their financial status in order to obtain benefits that were meant for the needy. The alleged schemes that netted them over a million dollars has been put to an end and the defendants now face federal fraud charges.”

    Commissioner Mark G. Peters said: “These defendants were millionaires stealing from the poor, as charged. The defendants fraudulently concealed their wealth to obtain benefits, including Section 8 vouchers intended to help low income New Yorkers find housing, according to the allegations. At a time when affordable housing is scarce, and there is a waiting list for Section 8 vouchers, it is reprehensible that some New Yorkers went without so that these defendants could have still more.”

    According to the allegations contained in the Complaints[1]:

    From 2001 to 2016, SHLOMO KUBITSHUK, RACHEL KUBITSHUK, NAFTALI ENGLANDER, and HINDA ENGLANDER conspired and engaged in a scheme to obtain government benefits designed for low-income residents, including Section 8 housing subsidies, Medicaid health insurance, and Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (“SNAP”) food stamps, totaling more than $980,000.

    In connection with applications for these benefits, they failed to disclose substantial income and financial assets, including a portfolio of multimillion-dollar residential real estate properties. The defendants also perpetrated the fraud by providing false income affidavits for each other.

    From 2007 to 2016, LEIB TEITELBAUM and DEVORAH TEITELBAUM also conspired and engaged in a scheme to obtain government benefits designed for low-income residents, including Section 8 housing subsidies, Medicaid health insurance, and SNAP food stamps, totaling more than $330,000. In connection with applications for these benefits, they failed to disclose substantial income and financial assets, including a jewelry business and an apartment they owned.

    SHLOMO KUBITSHUK, 38, RACHEL KUBITSHUK, 39, both from Brooklyn, New York, are each charged with one count of conspiracy to steal government funds, which carries a maximum sentence of five years in prison, and two counts of theft of government funds, each carrying a maximum sentence of 10 years in prison. NAFTALI ENGLANDER, 40, HINDA ENGLANDER, 41, LEIB TEITELBAUM, 39, and DEVORAH TEITELBAUM, 36, all from Brooklyn, New York, are each charged with one count of conspiracy to steal government funds, which carries a maximum penalty of five years in prison, and three counts of theft of government funds, each carrying a maximum sentence of 10 years in prison.

    The maximum potential sentences in these cases are prescribed by Congress and are provided here for informational purposes only, as any sentencing of the defendants will be determined by a judge.

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      • Idiot, he meant not paying taxes when its “legal” is smart business. He never suggested break the law. And as a president he will do the same for our country too. It was a very wise comment. Let me ask you. Do you not claim deductions in your taxes as well? If not then you are just plain stupid. S why can’t Trump do the same? Anyone who knows anything about real -estate knows that most of it is depreciation write downs and unless you liquidze your inventory there are no taxes. Only liberals like you who love parsing his words make these silly arguments.

        • You miss the point….can you imagine for a moment if your boy Trump went head to head with any foreign head of state, and he was as ill prepared on substance as he was last night with Clinton? Or if they could needle him into uncontrolled outbursts (like his tax comment) as she did? They’d make mince meat out of him.

          He’s a disgrace…in my profession, preparation is everything, and $$ fueled, shoot from the hip bluster gets one nowhere.

          • Yes in my profession preparation is more than just everything rather its a total must, however, in the presidential profession spontaneity is much more important. You do bring up a good point where there will be instances that require preparation but its not the overwhelmingly important attribute. (As a side note the, president travels to world leaders with a team of people on hand so they can compensate for a more spontaneous style personality)

            Here is the point you miss re your sacred progressive leader, fighting wars is not all about listening to think tanks and producing long sophisticated strategies. Rather its about using common sense and gut feelings. (In other words, yes our think tanks believe that our approach in Syria should be, fight Isis, Assad and Al-Nusra all at once and we can just empower the “moderate rebels”. But common sense tells us fighting 3 enemies at once won’t work.)

            The man did just fine with his tax comments. I want to vote for a candidate that paid the least taxes possible. He is the kind of guy that knows how to beat the system. And as president representing the USA he will beat the world and make America great again. That’s the brains I seek.

            • “I want to vote for a candidate that paid the least taxes possible. He is the kind of guy that knows how to beat the system. And as president representing the USA he will beat the world and make America great again.” Your utter lack of any civic responsibility is breathtaking. “Beating the system” is not what makes America great. America IS the system. A very imperfect one, but not the kind that Trump or you seek.

            • Only you liberal fools believe that there is some kind of ultrisitic civic responsibility. When other countries are exploiting us you fight back by exploiting back. When other countries or sects of people are chopping our heads off on you tube, you grab them and torture their brains out. There are some times that demand action not everything is about civic responsibility. That’s liberal nonsense. And rather than shutting down gitmo and allowing the freed prisoners to join Isis, lets keep it open.

            • “Beating the system” Madoff did it for a long time. Nebach this Yidelach in Willi beating the system for a long time. Trump is beating the system for a long time. Lets see.

            • So many words, such little knowledge.

              Exhibit A: “…yes, in my profession preparation is more than just everything rather its a total must, however, in the presidential profession spontaneity is much more important…”

              Question: If being you or me requires preparation to be successful on the job….but with the Presidency “…spontaneity is much more important…” – where to the lines converge? At what level does spontaneity begin to emerge as dominant? With a CEO? A Governor? A senior military field commander? A Mayor? Or is it only with Trump?

              Your views are truly mind-bending…and you are in possession of a truly unique grasp of presidential power and history. Let’s take decision making during the 1962 Cuban Missile Crisis for starters…but, nah, I doubt you’d like the tedium of studying the subject…too much prep and not enough license to shoot from the hip – not spontaneous enough.

              If Trump would belch out of his left ear on Wednesdays while standing on his right foot…I’m beginning to think you’d proclaim that to be evidence of his suitability to be President. After all is said and done…you’re a groupie!

        • Who told you that’s it’s legal? show your Tax Return and let the media analyse if it’s legal or not.

          What we know he had done illegally

          1. Sent a political bribe of $25K from a charitable foundation (thereby avoiding taxes “legally”? claims it to be a mistake).

          2. Purchased a portrait from himself (benefiting himself) with charity money

          3. Settled a fine of $120K by agreeing to give $100K charity (from pre tax money). This “not legal”.

          And you dummy think that he doesn’t want to release his tax return because it’s under audit?

          • Oh I don’t think Trump’s lack of releasing his tax return has anything to do with audits. As a side note, we can be certain its legal or the IRS would have him locked up. A high profile guy has the IRS on his back all the time. You must be really naive if you think its illegal..
            Re his illegal crimes you mention. Big deal its par for the course. None of those you listed seem like big crimes. If it would be, the man would be locked up. Trust me every agency is on his neck.
            He does not want to release his returns because its true he paid no taxes because he wrote off everything which for tax purposes makes him look poor. And so yes his returns would make Trump look bad. But in Trump’s line of business that’s nonsense. Because those are the tax codes for real estate investors. You write off depreciation and look poor. However, come on the man is really very rich.

        • “Legal is smart business” Really? Its not legal to pay your business expenses from a charity account and Trump knows this. He was fined and paid $ 2500 penalty. Other people go to Jail for less. Lets see if Trump will be prosecuted for his crime admitted crime. Remember it took some time to get this chevre Trump is next.

        • “He never suggested to break a law” So what do you call it when he said on National TV to his supporters to “Punch him in the Face” Is that legal? Maybe in Germany in where Trump is coming from in the 1930’s

        • “Do you not claim deductions?”After All Deduction I still pay 20% Taxes like most Middle income Americans. NOT ZERO Even Romney who was rich paid millions in taxes. Is he just “plain stupid” Only Trump is so smart that he has to pay NO Taxes. Lets make America Great Again like Trump and pay no taxes.

          • I don’t work in real estate. I am not entitled to the Trump Deductions. Therefore, i am stuck paying my 20% or I think in my case it amounts to around 10/15% on a federal level. But If I were entitled to claim more deductions I would and so would you. Even if that meant a 0% or a -10% tax payment.

            • “Entitled to claim more deductions” Bernie Madoff went to Jail after 30 years. It takes time for the IRS to catch on. Even if the deduction were legal why don’t you just admit that he was an idiot for claiming that paying Zero $ in taxes is smart in front of 100 million avg american’s (who might not be as smart as you and Trump) than go on telling them how he will fight ISIS, Build the Military, Help the Veterans an on and on. The only thing he did is helping Hillary with her claim that the rich don’t pay their fare share.

            • ” 0 or a – 10% tax” Minus 10% = you will receive from the IRS 10% Correct? I still don’t understand it. Trump will get Apple, Ford to bring all jobs back to the USA. Correct? No more unemployment. Every USA citizen has a Good Job at Apple, Ford etc.guaranteed. America is Great Again. Correct? Now, the “smart” rich pays Zero Taxes. The “smart” working middle class get – (minus) 10% taxes. The poor pays nothing. Question who will pay your minus 10%, who will build the roads etc? The not so smart middle class? Maybe the Mexican Govt if we allow them to build our bridges instead of the Big Wall? Any other ideas?

            • You genuis,

              1) The rich will pay taxes just 15% rather than 35%. If apple brings back all that cash we get 15% of it. That’s alot of money to build roads. Noone said zero taxes. Trump paid zero taxes but he won’t allow that as president. That’s the idea. The trouble maker school teacher knows best.
              2) Re your other comment about Isis. Here is actually where the Trump plan is the most cost effective and practical. Rather then fighting 3 wars at once via fighting Al-Nusra, Assad & Isis s the genuis Hilary suggests, we just team up with Putin and support Assad. Nice and easy. Syria pre 2011 was a fairly fine country to live in. It was not perfect but face it we live in an imperfect world.

      • Yes, this is why his supporters love him. He doesn’t have a conscience or any sense of civil or personal responsibility. They admire him precisely for gaming the system. You will find people like this in all sectors of society. It’s sad that there are so many of them that our democracy is in peril.

        • Does any one,especially a buisness minded person,pay income tax that they don’t have to? Huge buisneses generate far more income,useful income used by individuals and families, then taxes should. C’mon,you know Trump was right when he said his taxes would be squandered if he payed any.

          • “Does anyone…pay income tax?” In Brooklyn in your circles maybe not. Don’t worry, the rest of us in the USA will continue to pay for your Soc Sec, Housing, foodstamps, Police,etc. We are LIBERALS. and you are????

    1. Had they received a proper education they probably would know that it’s illegal to do illegal stuff for which you can go to jail and they might even have been able to get real jobs. #2 Nothing wrong with legally minimizing your taxes.

      • Interesting, a few weeks they arrested several GOYIM in Newburgh NY for welfare fraud.. would u also say cause they did not have a proper education. please stop with this nonsense.

      • Below is news from Today, Google ul find it.

        “NY village mayor accused of paying college with public money”

        Would you also say the above mayor had no proper education?? your argument is completely idiotic and doesn’t stand.

      • “Proper education”..illegal to do illegal stuff” Trump got -proper education- He did many illegal stuff.. Stole money from his charity, incited his people to beat up innocent people, discriminated against Blacks etc. All illegal. He settled some. He paid fines etc When you rich and have Lawyers, you just pay a few $ and its over. When you poor you go to Jail.

        • Cut the malarky.

          Trump never incited anyone to beat up “innocent people”, These guys were thugs and you would punch them to if they annoyed you.

          If his stuff were truly illegal he would be in jail. Fines are not big crimes sorry. Bernie Maddof could not get off with a fine.

          • “These guys were thugs” because they disagreed with Trump?. Did they commit any crime? So now Trump is the Judge, the Jury and the executioner who is a thug.

          • Get off it…Trump and many of his followers, obviously including you, think anyone who calls him to task for his divisive racist crap is a “thug.” A fascist and his troops.

            • Don’t start with your Trump divisiveness. Hilary is just as divisive but she does it on a more sly classy manner. I have personally seen comments posted by you in divisive manners demogoging whole sects of society because you disagree with Frum orthodox Trump supporters. Or name calling the white “uneducated” as red necks. Of course Hilary’s majority the “uneducated” AA and Latino’s don’t matter. But Trump’s “uneducated” whites are inferior. And only they are haters and 50% deplorable.


            • Throwing in fancy words does not make your smarter.

              No trump is not any more “uniquely divisive” than Hilary. Sorry. I will admit that Hilary puts on a better show and is more classy and polished in nature.

              No-one said Trump is a saint but its fair play compared to Hilary. Its not like one candidate is a uniter and the other a divider.

              Stop drinking the progressive kool-aid. Wake up and join us in making America great again.

            • I suppose Wallace wasn’t divisive in ’72. And is “uniquely” a fancy word?!

              One doesn’t have to be “progressive” to see Trump as divisive…just Google it to see all the conservative Republicans who think he is.

              Finally, I think America is great right now. You’re drinking the doomsday Kool-Aid that Trump is peddling…”Oh my, Oh my, Oh my….how bad it all is. Bs.

            • Re America Being great,

              You think its great to loose every war since world war two. As you long as you believe we are winning our 3 way war in Syria then America is great.

              As long as you have your job America is great. (As the famous saying goes when someone else looses his job its a recession when you loose your job its a
              depression) There are many coal workers and factory workers out of jobs.

              You think your health insurance is great ? Millions of middle class Americans not entitled to subsidies saw a decrease in health care and increase in premiums.

              The illegals are bankrupting our system. School budgets are squeezed thanks to illegal immigrant children. Just travel to Lakewood, Monsey or the five towns. And government programs are over extended (I.e. foodstamps) due to the influx.

              Our government spends stupidly. Just look at Cuomo’s announcement of a $1.6 billion expansion of penn station slated to take 4 years to complete. Think about it, 4 years and 1.6 billion for one train station??? Is that normal? Granted its not just a regular station its penn station. But still. And I am sure it will take longer and cost more.

              You my friend live in a bubble.

            • I’m through responding to your rants…you have a bleak, materially inaccurate, horribly dark view on this Country.

              You are fundamentally no different than those on the left who, pointing to the racial discrimination and growing economic inequality here, write off the country as reactionary. 80% full, and all you ner-do-wells do is spew anger at the missing 20%. Both of you posit all sorts of cause and effect relationships without a shred of evidence to back up your claims.

              Illegal immigrants are squeezing school system budgets! Really! Have you considered the income taxes many of their parents pay. Like saying publically subsidized yungeleit are bankrupting the Lakewood municipal coffers.

              “Millions of middle class Americans not entitled to subsidies saw a decrease in health care and increase in premiums” – you ignore the many more millions who have insurance for the first time…as well as the emerging data that the ACA is having an overall positive effect on medical outcomes. You’re like a white South African bemoaning the end of Apartheid because HIS life was no longer as sweet.

              The U.N won in Korea, by the way.

              Have a nice life.

            • 1) Korea is questionable if we won. And by the way you meant the USA not the UN. If you did get me on Korea name a war we won since Korea. I am thinking Vietnam, Iraq, Libya, Syria.
              2) Re the ACA, many many more Americans were hurt by the ACA than helped. Yes it did insure a few more people but at the point of raisng costs and lowering care for 100 million middle class Americans. Those are facts.
              3) Re Immigration, you are wrong. Yes there are yungerlit that don’t pay taxes in Lakewood. But I dare to look at the entire picture. Lakewood has many middle income tax payers and many very wealthy tax payers. Over all the frum yidden pay their fair share. However, name one Mexican who pays taxes in Lakewood. Every single one of them don’t pay. Furthermore, public schools are expensive. And to top it off, low income immigrant children now-days need loads of therapy (I.e. bilingual therapists etc..) As a side note, I do agree with you that they are not criminals.

              You my friend are a typical liberal. You say your point then when you are proven wrong you say goodbye. Am I too intellectual for your thoughts?

              In all likelihood Hillary is winning so my life ain’t gonna be so nice.

            • Trump is not a conservative or a real republican by the way. So it does not surprise me that he irkes the conservative republicans. And if you will excuse my french the republicans and democrats are all full of it. They hate Trump because he is no nonsense.

    2. The rebel rousers on VIN are crawling out of their woodwork with their nasty comments. Plus, we will probably hear from this Moster looser how this is all a result of lack of education.

      Keep it up nasty Chevra with your nasty comments before Rosh Hashana!

      • How are you guessing so well what Moster will be saying about this???

        Should I tell you why?? That’s because you yourself know that a lack of a normal education does have such results.

        • Madoff and his sort also stole because they didn’t get a proper education. I’m certain All you self-hating Jews cheat on your tax returns as well.
          People get arrested every day and it doesn’t make the papers. Everyone loves us Jewish people!!

    3. When was the last time the u.s attorney announced
      An arrest via press conference or press release of a person accused of fraud on $300,000 ?

      Looks like they hate the hasidic jews as much as the posters of VIN!!!

      • The U.S. Attorney announces these arrests when he believes that there are plenty more miscreants out there and wants to scare them into stopping their illegal conduct. What he doesn’t realize is that each & everyone one of the others will still say,”they can’t catch me.” (The prison system is full of people who said that.)
        The fact that he realizes that there many more out there should serve as a warning. No, as a warning to hide it better, but a warning to try to be honest (heaven forbid!).

    4. They are innocent until proven guilty! That being said, however, we need to be scrupulous in following the laws of the nation, So that we can be a light unto the nations!

    5. There seems to be a perception that it is mutal to steal from the government. I have never found a posek who suggested that this is so. My heart goes out to the people involved in the trials and tribulations they are facing, as no doubt they Yozteh sechorah b’hefsaydah

    6. Lets make it crystal clear: Nobody is defending or encouraging unlawful activities.

      Having said,the prison system is full of white collar crimes by highly educated intellectual people. Point,things mentioned in this article have ZERO to do with lack of education.

      #14,excellent comment and so true!

      • Hashomer & Yonasonw,

        Nice to see you come out of your cave only when Trump has a bad day. Over the past week when Trump was roaring and surging you were very quiet.

        The latest Nate Silver poll (Did I say fox news oh sorry I meant nat Silver) has Trump at a 53% chance of winning. To be fair after last night’s debate that may go down to 50% but it should be troubling for you.

    7. Tax evasion is against the law and one can go to jail. Tax avoidance is what the tax laws are created for. It is the obligation of your accountant to help you avoid taxes. If he helps you evade taxes, he can join you in jail. Trump was talking about tax avoidance.

      • “Tax evoidance” is what the tax laws are created” Wow? So why did Trump pay a fine. Any other citizen would have gotten 15 years. All of this just starting to come out. He stole the money from his charity acct what other people donated to Charity to pay himself. Much lower and more criminal than this chasidim did. They took the money from the Govt. to support their families. Trump took it from the poor and helpless to support his lavish lifestyle.

      • “Trump was talking about tax avoidance” Yes, let’s make America Great Again. the Super rich should pay ZERO taxes like TRUMP and the poor should have many benefits. We the Middle class will pay for Everything. Fight ISIS, Police, Healthcare, Secret Service for Trump and his family,$38 billion to Israel, Soc Sec etc. TAX AVOIDANCE What a great way to Make America Great Again.

        • I think the opposite is true. It takes one to know one. Just like the greatest trouble makers are the best teachers so too are they the best president. Don’t kid yourslef, Hilary will be the one to continue letting the rich get away with murder She will claim oh i am rasing taxes on the rich. But In reality she will never force apple for example to bring its billions back to America. She needs their camiagn contributions. Trump on the other hand does not care about large corporations. Thus, he will lower taxes but put an end to offshoring companies. Trump will stand up to the rich. And its precisely because he knows that the rich get away with murder, that he will stand up and put a stop to it. That’s why I want someone who paid 0% taxes.

          • “Trump will stand up to the rich” Can you please explain this. Like? Trump will stand up against his children? Trump will train the Rich how not to pay a Penny in taxes than brag about how he will fight ISIS etc with the money he collects from the middle class? If the rich will not pay any taxes and the poor has no money to pay at all, where is all the money he is promising for Roads, Veterans, and whatever he was mumbling last night. Oh, I forgot he will make Apple bring the money back in the USA and than teach them how to keep them all without paying a Dime.

    8. I hate when people say they are not stealing because it’s from goyim. Don’t ever forget who pays the government, so they are in fact stealing from each and every individual here.
      I think it is dumb to now put them in jail because it will cost the US taxpayers again several hundred thousand dollars per year to allow these people to live the luxurious jail life. Government should take the owned houses and money from individuals like these, put in a fund and distribute the earnings back to the taxpayers. The same should be done with all the corporate fines levied on big businesses, the taxpayers should get back the money, period!!!!

    9. There is no question that [even if true] the heimishe are being targeted by the Obama feds. This is called misappropriation of justice. There are other neighborhoods of a different race that do these things 100 times over and have no problems at all with the law.

      • “The Heimishe are being targeted by the Obama feds” Since Trump thinks and acts like the Heimishe: Pay no Taxes, belittle woman etc., hope the Feds will go after him and get him top pay his share.

    10. RambaM (Hilchos Geneiva 1:1-2)

      כָּל הַגּוֹנֵב מָמוֹן מִשּׁוֹוֶה פְּרוּטָה וָמַעְלָה–עוֹבֵר עַל לֹא תַעֲשֶׂה, שֶׁנֶּאֱמָר “לֹא, תִּגְנֹבוּ” (ויקרא יט,יא). וְאֵין לוֹקִין עַל לָאו זֶה, שֶׁהֲרֵי נִתָּן לְתַשְׁלוּמִין, שֶׁהַגַּנָּב, חִיְּבָה אוֹתוֹ תּוֹרָה לְשַׁלַּם. וְאֶחָד הַגּוֹנֵב מְמוֹן יִשְׂרָאֵל, אוֹ הַגּוֹנֵב מְמוֹן גּוֹי עוֹבֵד עֲבוֹדָה זָרָה; וְאֶחָד הַגּוֹנֵב אֶת הַגָּדוֹל, אוֹ אֶת הַקָּטָן.

      Hilchos Gezeila 1:1

      כָּל הַגּוֹזֵל אֶת חֲבֵרוֹ שׁוֹוֶה פְּרוּטָה–עוֹבֵר בְּלֹא תַעֲשֶׂה, שֶׁנֶּאֱמָר “לֹא תִגְזֹל” (ויקרא יט,יג). וְאֵין לוֹקִין עַל לָאו זֶה, שֶׁהֲרֵי הַכָּתוּב נִתְּקוֹ לַעֲשֵׂה: שְׁאִם גָּזַל, חַיָּב לְהַחְזִיר–שֶׁנֶּאֱמָר “וְהֵשִׁיב אֶת-הַגְּזֵלָה אֲשֶׁר גָּזָל” (ויקרא ה,כג), זוֹ מִצְוַת עֲשֵׂה. וְאַפִלּוּ שָׂרַף הַגְּזֵלָה–אֵינוּ לוֹקֶה, שֶׁהֲרֵי הוּא חַיָּב לְשַׁלַּם דָּמֶיהָ, וְכָל לָאו שֶׁנִּתָּן לְתַשְׁלוּמִין, אֵין לוֹקִין עָלָיו. [ב] וְאָסוּר לִגְזֹל כָּל שְׁהוּא, דִּין תּוֹרָה. אַפִלּוּ גּוֹי עוֹבֵד עֲבוֹדָה זָרָה, אָסוּר לְגָזְלוֹ אוֹ לְעָשְׁקוֹ; וְאִם גְּזָלוֹ אוֹ עֲשָׁקוֹ, יַחְזִיר.

    11. It seems as if the comments on this article were written by extremely naive people that don’t know not to feed the anti-semites that troll these pages.
      * other people do it and don’t get caught.
      * other ethnic groups do it and don’t get arrested.
      * ridiculous non-connections to the behavior of presidential candidates.
      * insults to drug addicts.
      * a vague anit-Israel reference.
      These people were caught doing something which is a chilu H’ , an insult to all hard working Americans, and just plain wrong.
      Maybe they will be found innocent. Maybe Mr. Bahra is wrong, but he has a strong prosecution record.
      But what’s really wrong is that members of the kehilla see this as anything other than a call for emes tshuva shleima. A lot of Americans know somebody doing these crimes. Those people should be seen as what they are liars and cheats. Middah kenegid middah, it begins cheating on the government and eventually your whole life is a lie.
      We Jews have the Torah, we should know better.
      We also have a yerzer horah. We need to fight it, and we need to help each other fight it.
      No excuses.
      Tshuva sheleima b’emes.
      L’ shanna Tovah.

    12. Obamacare changed the eligibility guidelines for medicaid to be equal across all the states. The guidlelines are based on Modified adjusted gross income as defined by the Internal Revenue Code. Therefore a real estate billionaire that has enough depreciation deductions to bring his MAGI income down low enough will not only pay no taxes, he will also be 100% legally entitled to medicaid.
      This is thanks to the real estate lobby who has the politicians in their pockets.


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