New York – Jerusalem Mayor Gifts Pollard His Jerusalem Pin During Chance Encounter In Midtown


    New York – You never know who you are going to meet walking down the streets of New York City and yesterday, a lesson that Jonathan Pollard learned on Monday as he bumped into Jerusalem Mayor Nir Barkat.

    Arutz Sheva reported that the two men happened upon each other as Pollard and his wife Ester were enjoying the fall weather at an outdoor coffee ship in Manhattan located near a charitable event that Barkat was to be attending. It was the first time that Pollard, who was released from prison 322 days ago, has met with any Israeli officials, and the two man chatted briefly.

    The Jerusalem municipality released a statement saying that Barkat was “excited” to meet with Pollard, noting that he had awarded Pollard an “Honorary Citizen of Jerusalem” medal. That same medal was a topic of conversation during the chance encounter, as Mrs. Pollard noted that her husband had never received the award, prompting Barkat to assure the couple that he would make sure that the award was sent.

    Pollard told the mayor that he would love to be able to receive the award one day when he is permitted to come to Jerusalem. According to the many strict terms of his parole, Pollard is required to stay in the United States for five years following his release.

    “It would be a nice photo opp in Yerushalayim,” quipped Pollard.

    Barkat removed the gold Jerusalem pin affixed to the lapel of his suit jacket and affixed it to Pollard’s suspenders as a temporary stand in for the medal.

    “If Jonathan cannot come to Jerusalem then Jerusalem will come to him in New York or anywhere else in the world,” said Barkat.

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    1. Why isn’t Pollard’s harsh parole restrictions brought up to Ms. Hillary? After all, Obama is releasing hundreds of convicted drug dealers, and terrorists from Guantanamo.

    2. Now if only the Israeli Government would show support. Maybe it’d help him get to Israel quicker. Too bad that most of them want him dead. This is an injustice. They should let him go.


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