New York – Full Flight To Ukraine Cancelled, Stranding Hundreds Of NYC Passengers To Uman


    FILE - Ultra-Orthodox Jewish men solemnize on the banks of a lake in the Ukrainian city of Uman, some 200 km (124 miles) south of Kiev, September 9, 2010. ReutersNew York – Uman bound passengers who booked tickets on a specially chartered flight leaving for the Ukraine tonight got an unpleasant surprise this afternoon as the flight was unexpectedly cancelled.

    The charter had been booked by a group of individuals from the Bresolver community who were hoping to make the cumbersome trip to Uman a little less difficult for the many who make the annual pilgrimage.

    “It is a big hassle every year,” Shimshy Geiger of Do All Travel in Borough Park told VIN News. “The vaad of Breslov came to us and had a charter flight set up with everything arranged. They just asked us to serve as a ticketing agent so that people could call and place orders.”

    496 passengers had booked tickets on the flight which was scheduled to leave at 12 AM tonight from JFK Airport. Approximately eleven hours before takeoff, Do All was notified that the flight would not be taking off as scheduled.

    Geiger said that his agents hit the phone immediately, letting passengers know that their flight had been cancelled.

    A statement released by Do All this afternoon apologized for the inconvenience and advised passengers that travel agents were attempting to secure as many seats as possible on other flights leaving to the Ukraine that would arrive in time for Shabbos.

    Geiger said that full refunds will be arranged for all passengers who are not booked on alternate flights.

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    1. Maybe this is a sign from Hashem to stay home and spend the holidays with your families instead of wandering and leaving everyone to fend for themselves at home. Wouldn’t be nice to be with your family who helps you all year round with the other holidays and not abandon them now at the most holy.

    2. when something stands in the way of a persons ratzon, how do you know if its a message to back off or a challenge to persevere over? “mikshoh zahav tahor”
      machshavah tova hkb”h metzaref lemasseh


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