Jerusalem – Before Departing, Obama Snaps Pic With Israeli Police


    Jerusalem – Public Security Minister Gilad Erdan posts a photo of a smiling Obama with Israeli security personnel at Ben Gurion Airport.

    “President Obama knows who he needs to thank for this difficult and complicated operation,” writes Erdan, referring to the security arrangements for the funeral.

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    1. Where was he the last 8 years? This is such a blatantly obvious attempt to leave a sweet taste in the mouth of US Jews so that they’ll be more inclined to vote for Hillarity, a fellow D. Except we can see right through him. Go play some golf.

      • “Where was he the last 8 years?” I’ll tell you, you ignorant ingrate. He maintained and deepened the military and intelligence cooperation between the U.S. and Israel; backed Israel at the UN during the Gaza flotilla and Goldstone Report controversies; became the only U.S. president to declare to the UN General Assembly that Israel is a Jewish state; and during his two terms his administration has not voted even once against Israel at the UN (Ronald Reagan, by contrast, voted 22 times against Israel at the UN).
        He doesn’t get along with Netanyahu, but who does? Even in Israel Bibi has long been a divisive figure; the late Yitzchak Shamir referred to Netanyahu as a “pathological liar.” And just about every president has had difficulties with Israeli prime ministers; the aforementioned Reagan told Menachem Begin that Israel was “perpetrating another Holocaust” during the 1982 Lebanon War and threatened to drastically reconsider the U.S. -Israel relationship unless Israel stopped bombing Beirut. If Obama did something like that, all the fum haters here would be exploding in rage. But Reagan is their hero.

        • You fail to mention the Iran deal, I wonder why? Democrats will continue defending Obama as he connivingly knifes Israel in the back whilst putting on facade of being a friend. He’s not a very good actor though. He just has an implicit lapdog media in his pocket.

      • “US Jews for Hillary” Wrong he is campaigning to become the President of Israel. He did more for the survival of Israel than any other US President (and some Israli P M) Go Obama go Barack Hussein Obama B. H. O. Baruch Hashem Obama. Next PM of Israel. Shabbat Shalom

    2. I agree the Iran deal is bad, but that doesn’t render all the things I mentioned as meaningless. And by the way, the frum Obama haters were painting him as another Hitler or Haman long before the Iran nuclear deal, and whenever posters on VIN, to cite one example, would point out the positive things about Obama vis-a-vis Israel, they were castigated as self-haters, or as liberal Democrats, etc. No intellectual arguments, no substance, just name calling. There is something about Obama that drives heimishe Jews insane. We all know what it is, no matter how vociferously the haters here argue otherwise. No other president, Democrat or Republican, liberal or conservative, pro-Israel or not so pro-Israel, has ever elicited the sheer hate from frum Jews that this president does. I’m convinced that if David Duke were running against Obama, most yeshivish/chassidish Yidden would vote for Duke, since in their eyes Obama is just as anti-Semitic but at least Duke is white.


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