Brooklyn, NY – Woman Clad In Muslim Attire Photographing BP Yeshiva Prompts Call For Increased Awareness


    Brooklyn, NY – Video surveillance footage showing a woman dressed in Muslim garb snapping pictures of a Borough Park yeshiva has a Brooklyn assemblyman calling for greater community vigilance.

    The footage was obtained from Yeshiva Imrei Yosef Spinka located on the corner of 15th Avenue and 58th Street. It shows the unidentified woman standing in front of the yeshiva on the afternoon of Thursday, September 29th for approximately two and a half minutes, alternately tapping on her cell phone and taking pictures of the school building.

    Assemblyman Dov Hikind described the footage as “scary.”

    “She looks around to make sure no one is watching and she starts taking pictures,” Hikind told VIN News. “Maybe it is nothing but we can’t take any chances of, G-d forbid, something terrible happening.”

    Hikind said that immediately after receiving the video he contacted Captain Kenneth Quick, commanding officer of the NYPD’s 66th Precinct. According to Hikind, Quick was stunned when he saw the footage, which was turned over to the NYPD’s Intelligence Division and Counter- Terrorism Bureau.

    The fact that not a single person who passed by the woman contacted the authorities was extremely troubling to Hikind, who said that Quick shared identical concerns.

    A video released by Hikind today urged area residents to remain vigilant and to report any suspicious activity to the authorities. Hikind noted that all tips can be called in anonymously.

    “The reality is we live during a period of time where there are people out there who want to hurt our community who want to cause great injury,” warned Hikind. “It is critical that when you see something suspicious that you report it to the police. Better to be safe than sorry.”

    A spokesperson for the NYPD said that they had no information regarding the video and that photographing a school is not an illegal activity. Calls for comment to the yeshiva by VIN News were not returned.

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    1. “A spokesperson for the NYPD said that they had no information regarding the video and that photographing a school is not an illegal activity.”

      Nothing that terrorists do is usually an illegal activity until they commit the act.
      – Driving a truck is legal, driving into pedestrians is not
      – Getting on a plane is legal, breaking into the cockpit and hijacking the plane is not
      – Walking in the street is legal, blowing yourself up to kill others is not.

      It’s all about prevention and foresight, if we dont keep our eyes open until they commit an act then we’ll never stop them.

      Nice catch here, hopefully it was harmless, but definitely worth noting.

    2. It seems as if she was walking by and something caught her eye. It would be nice to see a pic of what she was looking at or at least to know if there was something of interest there other than the yeshiva itself.

    3. A picture of the school is available to anyone with an internet connection on google maps. That picture is crystal clear. If this woman has a smartphone then she probably has an internet connection. I think that is the reason that noone reported her picture taking to the police. Was she getting better pictures than google maps ? Not likely.

    4. It probably is nothing…. but why take a chance? If the video came from the yeshiva, why wasn’t it being reviewed IRT? As for passers-by not reporting it, everyone is so PC these days that G-d forbid they upset Muslims by reporting suspicious activities. You can be very sure if a Chasid in a shtreimel was taking pictures of a mosque, he’d be fish bait by now.


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