Brooklyn, NY – Plans Unveiled For Massive Six Story Synagogue In BP


    Rendering KARL FISCHER ARCHITECTBrooklyn, NY – A vacant lot on a Borough Park corner may soon be the home to a synagogue of epic proportions.

    Congregation Heichal Hatefillah, led by Rabbi Binyomin Eisenberger, has filed plans for a 93,720 square foot synagogue to be located at 1772 52nd Street, which runs from the southeast corner of Old New Utrecht Avenue on 52nd Street until 18th Avenue.

    The six story building designed by prolific architect Karl Fischer, will have three floors located above ground, with the remaining three levels located below street level. Plans for the structure include offices, banquet and lecture halls and an on-site mikvah. Living quarters for Rabbi Eisenberger are also included in the plan and are estimated at 12,224 square feet by real estate website New York Yimby.

    Pictures of the proposed synagogue show a large airy space with numerous windows, two levels of women’s balconies on each side of the building and four long rows of wood encased seating to hold the many expected congregants.

    According to the Karl Fischer website, the synagogue is expected to be completed in 2017.

    Fischer, who has offices in both New York and Montreal, has designed numerous buildings in Williamsburg as well as the 180,000 square foot Yeshiva Darchei Torah pre-school, elementary and junior high school campus in Far Rockaway.

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    1. People are struggling to put food on their table for the chagim. People can’t afford tuition, we need another edifice? We’ll get one when Mosiach arrives.

    2. with all due respect to Rabbi Eisenberger and his accomplishments to the klall what we need is NOT another shul in Boro Park! What we need is bold leadership to create another Jewish neighborhood because soon Boro park will be devoid of all young couples who can’t afford to live in this community due to the astronomical cost of rent or purchase of a house!

      Why should tzedakah money go for another grandiose shul in Boro Park? We need investment in new opportunities for young frum families–there are over 300 shuls in Boro park!

      If the good Rabbi has so many followers it would be more prudent for him to create a new Jewish community as opposed to the status quo

      • I agree with your comment. Turn the property into affordable condos and there is still room for a shul / etc – instead of income from a simcha hall – generate income from the condos/apartments. People there need an affordable place to live.

      • No need to worry. I predict in about 15 -20 years, the Chinese who are already up to Ft Halmiton Paky in the lower 50’s and in the mid 50’s up to 13th ave. will be living throughout boro park. Muslims are also moving in towards Boro park and are the majority on many blocks east of Mcdonald Ave.

      • Why not another shul? perhaps the old shul is to small to accommodate his crowed?
        Where should his congregates daven?
        And you’re right we need bold leadership to create another Jewish neighborhood! however why is it Rabbi Eisenberger responsibility to create a new neighborhood?
        how about you move out from Boro Park to a less condensed area and make place for other people who decide to stay in Boro park?

    3. Will this be beneficial to residents who own cars? So many large shuls have extended “No Parking” zones in front of their shuls which do not have any time limits. If this is even a possibility, the residents of the neighborhood will launch a protest. There are simcha halls, a restaurant, and several apartment buildings. That means many cars, and more than the available parking. It is diffuclt enough without adding to that burden.

      Our dear politicians have all spoken about the parking disaster that exists throughout Boro Park. All have promised, but no one has done diddly squat to ease things. Residents have every right to know that coming home from work does not entail a half hour or longer just looking to park.

    4. I’m curious how accommodations for handicapped (eg; wheelchair access) will be incorporated into the design. Unless they have ground-level services or low-incline ramps, the only other option I can think of would be a so-called Shabbos elevator, which can be a challenge to design properly.

    5. There’s a ton of empty buildings, storefronts, homes and residential lots for sale in Kingston NY. One large shul (conservative) just sold out. No stress, no traffic, fresh air, very low to no crime, jobs available, Thruway Exit 19. The Catskills! Also a mensch Chabad Rabbi in town. For others there is a vibrant leftish-Jewish community in Woodstock (of course), Reformed shul in Kingston, and two shuls in New Paltz. Come visit- you won’t want to go back to BP and look for a parking space for an hour and a half.

    6. housing is certainly a huge issue facing the brooklyn community , its not a lack of leadership no leader can tell you where to move to there are so many individual variables whats needed now is a think tank type review of all the options pros & cons with serious input from those that have made the move. if rabbi eisenberger would move to chestnut, or staten island even his following cant just pick themselves up and go its far from pashut
      finally there are some temporary ideas within brooklyn specificly bp- there are numerous properties & lots that are hanging or stuck midway… , many many unfinished basements, a number of businesses that have outgrown their residential quarters like worlwide plumbing, korns, freunds & bp lumber to list a few

    7. The extreme low quality of life there is the reason we have waves of Brooklynites invading Monsey.
      PEOPLE are getting sick and tired of the wild driving and honking culture they are bringing along with them.
      We would much prefer if they would stay put.

    8. With all due respect to his holiness Rabbi Eisenberger why 12,000 S.F. ???
      Is he housing Tzivos Hashem ??? Is the building going to be deeded to his personal name as was his original demand on the first lot they were going to build on? Is he going to give his MUSSAR DROSHO about luxury & MOSROS in his 4,000 square foot living room?? Shame on his Kehila & him

      • Wow! So your able to put out some appealing excerpts, right? Great, Now without touching the “MUSSAR DROSHO” etc, topics – which is totally false & made up – and if he did speak something of that nature, then it was taken out of context, as some people just LOVE to, in order to suit their agenda, But I digress. Question: With all due respect to Mr. Anonymous: Since The Ravs selfless initiatives have turned him into a Rebbe/father-figure to
        the kehillah members & beyond, As a gifted orator/lecturer, The Rav inspires Torah values, So eloquently delivered in both Yiddish and English – that captivate, The Rav also considers it his duty to keep a close connection to many followers who don’t live close. Going beyond Brooklyn, pre-Yom Tov shiurim are given in the Five Towns. Jews on the Upper West Side flock to the shiurim, as well as talmidim in Lakewood. Whenever the Rav visits other locations, he gives time after the shiur to all who seek a private word. The Rav is deeply involved in offering moral and emotional support in addition with Financial Aid to people in the community in need. And you LABEL: “Shame on his Kehila & him” ? My advice to you: Soul Searching! A sweet new year. Ty

    9. i doubt they will build parking into the building. likely this will remove many spots like a previous commentor pointed out. with all these new yeshivas and shuls coming out you thing theyd go underground or somethng. it takes longer to find a spot here then it it does driving there..


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