Brooklyn, NY – Train Surfing Ends Tragically For High Profile Extreme Photographer


    Instagram star 25-year-old Christopher Serrano (Facebook)Brooklyn, NY – A gifted young photographer whose work flirted with both beauty and danger died Wednesday during a subway surfing attempt on a Coney Island bound train.

    25 year old Christian Serrano was with a female friend when he went between two cars of a southbound F train and began scaling one of the cars at about 5 AM, reported the New York Post.

    Serrano, who was reportedly drunk, was believed to have been hit by something in the area of the Fourth Avenue-9th Street station in Gowanus. His lifeless body was found on the tracks at approximately 5:12 AM by police.

    Serrano posted on Instagram as heavy_minds and his 105,000 followers were treated to breathtaking images, often taken from great heights and areas that are inaccessible to the public, according to Gothamist. Many of his shots include New York City landmarks like the George Washington and Brooklyn bridges, some of which were taken from considerable heights.

    His most recent Instagram picture, posted three days ago, was taken high over Times Square at night, and shows two legs dangling precariously out into the open air.

    In a 2014 interview with The Niche Project, Serrano said that he used photography as a form of expression and a way to show people the world as he saw it.

    “Not many people get to see the city like I do,” said Serrano, who admitted that he takes “extremely dangerous photos.”

    Tributes to Serrano have been pouring out on social media with girlfriend Vicky Steele posting “I am beyond destroyed.”
    His most recent Instagram picture, posted three days ago, was taken high over Times Square at night.

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    1. If you look for trouble, it finds you sooner or later. Instead of making these people out to be kedoshim, we should make them out to be the idiots they are. No big loss.

    2. Selfish. Causing trauma to his family, friends and rescue workers that had to retrieve him etc etc. Nothing wrong with enjoying the simpler things in life without having to dangle over the edge of a building when a gust of wind might not only kill him but the others he falls onto.


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