Brooklyn, NY – Flatbush Package Thieves In Custody, “Multiple, Multiple” Charges To Be Filed, Says NYPD


    Photo ilustrationBrooklyn, NY – A weeks-long rash of package thefts that has plagued the Flatbush area may finally have come to an end as two Brooklyn residents have been apprehended by police.

    Police told VIN News that 39 year old Edward Rabaev of Ocean Parkway and 38 year old Angela Gorelik of Neptune Avenue were arrested yesterday in a Honda Odyssey that had been stolen on August 26th in Fort Hamilton.

    Police said that the two were in possession of a large quantity of narcotics and weapons at the time of their arrest.

    As of yesterday, 14 charges were filed against Rabaev and eight against Gorelik, but an NYPD spokesperson said that additional charges are being filed against the two.

    Police said that Rabaev and Gorelik illegally removed packages from numerous residences in Brooklyn over the last several weeks, including two boxes of meat and desserts from one home on E21st Street in Flatbush and a purse containing $20 in cash and credit cards from a car parked on McDonald Avenue.

    One Ditmas Park home appeared to be a favorite of the two, with three separate visits to the location netting multiple packages containing $2,798 worth of assorted merchandise.

    While police could not say if Gorelik had any prior arrests, Rabaev is well known to the authorities.

    He was arrested at Coney Island Hospital in 1995 at age 18 and charged with assault after holding a victim in a headlock while another party struck the victim in the head with a baseball.

    In 1998 Rabaev was arrested for criminal sale of a controlled substance in Midwood. Rabaev was also arrested in 2006 when he was found in possession of both burglar tools and marijuana and was unsuccessful in his attempts to convince police that he was an active member of the military.

    More recently, Rabaev was charged with menacing after he was pulled over in Sheepshead Bay by police for failure to signal. During the traffic stop, Rabaev attempted to grab a blade from the driver’s side door of his car and then scuffled with police who attempted to handcuff him. Rabaev was also found to be in possession of cocaine, heroin and xanax.

    Rabaev’s previous arrest was for petit larceny last January when the attempted to shoplift several items from a Bay Ridge Rite Aid.

    Police said that they could not say at this time how the arrest unfolded or how they were able to link Rabaev and Gorelik to the missing packages as new information continues to be processed in the case.

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    1. I saw the 2 of them in action and called the cops, their response was and I kid you not, “since we didn’t see them in the act” we cant charge them and left.


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