Zhitomir – Report: Chabad Rabbi Beaten Nearly To Death In Ukraine


    Zhitomir, Ukraine – A Lubavitch rabbi is fighting for his life after being subjected to a vicious beating this morning at a Ukranian train station.

    Rabbi Mendel Deitsch, a Chabad shaliach who has been stationed in France and Israel, was believed to have spent Rosh Hashana in Haditch, Ukraine, the birthplace of Rabbi Schneur Zalman of Liadi, the founder of the Lubavitch movement.

    Rabbi Deitsch was at the Zhitomir’s central train station this morning when he was brutally attacked by unknown assailants, reported Chabad.org.

    Anti-Semitism is said to be rare in the Ukraine and it is unknown at this time if the attack on Rabbi Deitsch was religiously motivated.

    According to Rabbi Shlomo Wilhelm, the Chabad shaliach to Zhitomir, Rabbi Deitsch was in extremely critical condition and was undergoing surgery as Shabbos began in the Ukraine.

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    1. Please say Tehillim for Menachem Mendel Mordechai ben Miriam for a refua sheleima.
      Now that I got my priorities straight, I need to make one comment….Why in the world does any Jew have to go to Ukraine–a nation that hates our guts…and you give your money to these people???? What you spend on the two weeks (appx) over Yomim Norim, they live for entire year!!!!They have hated Jews for hundreds of years and now they are laughing at you all the way to the bank. You want to spend money??? Give tzedaka in memory of whichever Rebbes you want or their institutions. I think Hashem Yisborach would smile more if you take care of an almana and her family or a yosom who needs help getting married or to a poor family in need of food and clothing. But to the anti Semitic Ukrainians???? Not a dime!!!

    2. The person who wrote the article which stated that “anti-semitism is rare in the Ukraine, and the motive for the beating is unknown”, is in a state of denial. The attackers deliberately singled out the victim, because he was a religious Jew, in religious garb. I was told a few years ago, that an NCSY group from the USA visited Babi Yar, in the Ukraine. They were not received with hospitality from the local residents, and were looked on with looks as if to say “We thought we got rid of all of you ———- Jews”!

    3. Rabbi Jacob Jungreis shl”ita once told me he doesn’t understand how Jews can walk on land that is soaked in Jewish blood. As a Lubavitcher, I understand the religious/historical significance of Haditch, Zhitomer, Dnepopotresk etc but it is a cruel, vicious country. Will say Tehillim now and every day for a refuah shleima.


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