Brooklyn, NY – Civilian Tip Helps NYPD Identify Muslim-Garbed Woman Photographing BP Yeshiva


    Brooklyn, NY – Just one week after surveillance video showed a woman in Muslim attire photographing the exterior of the Spinka yeshiva in Borough Park, the NYPD has announced that the woman has been identified and appears to have not been engaged in any harmful behavior.

    A Borough Park resident who saw one of the many flyers posted in Borough Park by the NYPD and thought the woman looked familiar contacted Misaskim. Members of Misaskim encouraged the man to contact the 66th Precinct to share his suspicions.

    “He was able to tell us exactly which building she lives in,” Yanky Meyer of Misaskim told VIN News. “She lives here, dead center in Borough Park.”

    The woman was interviewed by the NYPD, according to Assemblyman Dov Hikind, who said that the commanding officer of the 66th Precinct, Captain Kenneth Quick, called him after Shabbos to share the good news.

    “They don’t believe that she is a threat but because of this she is now on the radar,” said Hikind.

    Hikind credited the 66th Precinct for their efforts in locating the woman and allaying the community’s fears and stressed the importance of the community working hand in hand with law enforcement.

    “We all have to work together and the police need our help,” said Hikind. “Once again, we have to all remember that if there is any question, just make the phone call and contact the police. In this case it was a community member who called the NYPD and thankfully the situation has been resolved.”

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      • Perhaps because she likes taking pictures? Or are you positing that terrorism is the only application of photography?

        Just to play Devil’s Advocate here, you can’t lock someone up for taking pictures. As an amateur photographer, I do take pictures of buildings (and parks and other things). I promise you, I’m not a terrorist.

        In the US, photographing things in public (barring certain sensitive government sites) where there is no expectation of privacy (including the outside of buildings) is 100% legal.

        Of course you have to be vigilant in the face of possible terrorism, but in the end, the activity itself is legal. The police were called and they determined that she’s not a threat.

        The Wolf

    1. So why in the world was she photographing the shul? I dont go around photgraphi g churches or mosques!!! Did they ask her why she was? And why she was SO CAREFUL looking around to see if anyone was looking.I dont buy the story…at all.

    2. She was probably just taking selfies with a Jewish looking building in the background and sending to her relatives abroad to try to convince them to come to the US where Jews & Muslims live together peacefully.

    3. Can someone please explain why taking pictures is a big deal? Anyone can take pictures. You can look at the building on Google Maps. You can drive by any time!

      What exactly is it that anyone thinks a terrorist would do with a picture taken on this woman’s phone?

      Maybe she just liked the architecture? Or she was taking a selfie? Or she was practicing using her phone.

      The way you people carry on it is amazing she didn’t say “Boo.” Then you might have keeled over in fright!

    4. You could tell right away she meant no harm. She did it in middle of the day when people were walking by. Taking a silly up close picture with a flip phone is hardly helpful to International terrorist. She was not looking around if anyone was looking. She looked around to see if she was standing in anyone’s way in the middle of the sidewalk.

      Great Hikind. You cried wolf one again and all you got is this poor woman on the police “radar “.

      • Taking picture in the middle of the day doesnt mean she isnt doing anything bad theese days you cannot be too carefull with isis killing innocent people all over the world Hi kind is tottaly right on,wake up and see the real world it is a very dangerous world we live in today.

    5. Man some of you people are so naive. No one said she is a terrorist but you’re a fool if you don’t think that it’s very odd for somone is black Muslim garb to be standing in front of a yeshiva/shul and taking pictures. Wake up people. Would it have been better to identify her after Gd forbid something tragic happened?? Whoever identified her did the right thing. I would have done the same.

    6. Unfortunately for all of us, even cursory knowledge of terror operations shows that except for one-off lone wolf events (Orlando for example) our enemies do photograph and carefully plot out major attacks (Paris, Mumbai, Buenos Aires). How dumb would it be NOT to have reported this incident and tracked her down. She should be put on a watch list.

    7. If a person, anyone, takes pictures of my house, I will ask why. Unless the building is spectacular or a landmark, which this one is not, she must have had a reason for photographing it. I don’t blame people for being suspicious. Never hurts to be vigilant and reporting it to the police was the right thing to do. Dov Hikind is doing his job; the one we elected him to do. Thank you!!!
      It’s also a good that people know they cannot hide in this day and age when there are cameras everywhere.

    8. If this pathological liar and criminal witch HITLLERY is elected president,you can be sure this traitorous witch will open the doors to millions more of these America and Jew hating Muslims,and we will be in the exact same situation our brothers in Europe find themselves right now.
      Please,please think carefully before you pull that lever in the voting booth on Nov 7


    9. So, I was wondering…what could be so interesting about the front of the yeshiva that would cause someone to pause and take a picture? So I checked out the Google street view (since I don’t live anywhere near Boro Park). The building looks like an old apartment house converted into an elementary school; It is totally nondescript, completely lacking any interesting architectural detail. But, there is some colorful artwork displayed on the inside of the glass entrance door (painted by a morah and her kids, maybe?). I think the Muslim woman simply liked the painting and took a photo of it. Mystery solved?

      • In today’s day and age a Muslim woman dressed from straight off the boat cannot take any innocent photos of art work in front of a Jewish or any school without raising suspicion. No, I don’t feel sorry for her because this was caused by her people’s ongoing terrorism.


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