Irvine, CA – California Kaparos Ban Could Set Dangerous Religious Precedent Warn RCA And OU


    FILE - Ultra Orthodox Jews perform the Kaparot ceremony on October 10, 2016, in the ultra orthodox neighborhood of Meah Shearim, in Jerusalem.  Flash90Irvine, CA – A California court ban on the practice of kaparos has two major Orthodox Jewish organizations expressing concern that the move could set a precedent that would further limit religious practices in violation of the Constitution’s First Amendment.

    A lawsuit filed by United Poultry Concerns against Chabad of Irvine alleged that the practice of kaparos violates the California penal code which forbids the use of slaughtering animals for any purposes other than human consumption. According to the Orange County Register, a similar request for a temporary restraining order was denied last fall.

    In its lawsuit, filed on September 26th in Santa Ana, a lawyer for the Irvine based group charged that chickens were caged in inhumane conditions, mishandled and then left for dead among live birds.

    Because of California licensing laws regarding the slaughter of animals intended for human consumption, kaparos chickens in the state were typically discarded. The lawsuit also noted that there were alternative methods for performing kaparos that did not involve killing chickens.

    The United States District Court for the Central District of California granted the request for the temporary restraining order on October 7th and a hearing on the matter is scheduled for Thursday, one day after Yom Kippur.

    Brian Pease, a lawyer for the Virginia based United Poultry Concerns said that the organization was also considering taking legal actions against other groups that perform kaparos with chickens.

    “This is a first step in the ultimate goal to show that it is illegal in the state of California and most other states to intentionally kill an animal as punishment for your sins,” said Pease.

    The restraining order did not affect kaparos performed in a slaughterhouse or in a location that could prove that the animals would be used for food in accordance with California law, said Pease.

    In a joint statement released this afternoon by the Rabbinical Council of America and the Orthodox Union, Rabbi Mark Dratch, executive vice president of the RCA, said that the practice of religion is as vital as for Orthodox Jews as food and noted that California law does allow for the slaughter of animals for purposes other than food.

    “We are deeply concerned about the implications of this decision,” said Rabbi Dratch. “It comes in the midst of other government actions that aim to limit religious expression when it clashes with values embraced by parts of society. We see this as a worrisome trend.”

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    1. This is an outgrowth of Islamophobia which seeks to ban ritual slaughter (in the case of Muslims lambs on Eid al Adha), circumcision, religious courts (ie. Batei Din and Sharia), headscarves, etc.

      I hope that more American Jews will realize that Islamophobia hurts us also.

      Gmar Hatima Tovah and hopefully this will be overturned soon.

      • This has nothing to do with any so called Islamophobia.
        There is actually a much Often the claims in the stories are based on speculation, such as, a car drives away and a dog is standing there, so the unproven claim is that the driver abandoned the dog.
        He or she may not have had anything to do with that dog, and it may have already been there when the car drove by.
        But the comments are full of terrorist wannabes, calling for the driver to be beaten to deathgreater occurrence of Christianphobia, which is an unfounded fear of anything or anyone who us Christian.
        But that is a whole other discussion.
        This is because of the animal rights fanatics, who have destroyed freedom and democracy with their violent hatefilled, rhetoric and lies, which they have used to promote their anti humanity, pro animal cultism.

      • Yeah just like laws to protect babies in the womb from being murdered in partial birth abortions. Or laws that keep illegal aliens from crossing our southern border to protect Americans, from being kidnapped and sold into slavery.
        Such terrible laws, right?
        And who gets to decide, what is “inhuman”?
        Some fanatic who wants to eventually outlaw eating any meat, all at all?

    2. Given that there is no requirement under Halacha to use a live chicken for shlugging kaporos and one can be yotzeh the mitzvah using a fish or even coins and subsequently donating to the poor, there is a reasonable likelihood a court would find that the inhumane treatment chickens and the public health problems created by the practice on any large scale violate California law.

    3. Why were they not all shechted? Does the nusach say “zeh hatarnegol yelech lemisah”? I wouldn’t want to be the guy who shlugged kaparos and my chicken wasn’t “chalifasi”.


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