New York – Obscenities And Punches Thrown At Brothers Walking Home From Brooklyn Synagogue On Yom Kippur


    Brooklyn, NY – Two Orthodox Jewish brothers leaving Yom Kippur services on Wednesday afternoon were attacked by a group of young men who uttered obscenities at the pair as they passed on a Mill Basin street.

    The incident took place at 3:45 PM as the brothers, ages 23 and 19, were heading home from the Flatbush Park Jewish Center on Avenue U near 63rd Street, reported the Daily News. The two were on 66th Street near Strickland Avenue when three men walking in the opposite direction called out “(Obscenity) Jews.”

    Sources said that the older brother responded, “It’s our holiday.” He then touched one of the men who punched him in the face, with the incident escalating into a full blown attack against the pair.

    The 19 year old, who was treated on scene by paramedics, sustained bruises on his eye and a split lip. The 23 year old was taken by Hatzolah to New York Community Hospital where he was treated for bruised ribs and a cut in his mouth.

    All three of the attackers were estimated to be in their twenties, with one in a white t-shirt, one in a pink t-shirt and the third dressed in a Pink Floyd t-shirt.

    In the wake of the Chelsea bombing in September, Police Commissioner James O’Neill promised Jewish leaders increased police patrols for Rosh Hashana and Yom Kippur at a pre-holiday briefing held at One Police Plaza.

    “We will not allow anyone in New York City to attack or harass anyone because of their faith,” said O’Neill. “We will do everything we can to ensure people worship freely and lives their lives free from fear.”

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    1. Yet another ugly example that this city is headed back to the bad old days of the 60s and 70s when Irish and Italian thugs beat kids with yarmulkas on a daily basis. Can’t wait till they catch these three punks and we see exactly who they are and have their stinking lives ruined.

      • “Oh, please. I know you’re one of the more hyper-ignorant posters here (which is saying a lot), but “open season on Jews”? Because a few rowdy men shouted some slurs? That’s what you call “open season”? And the article cryptically notes that one of the Jews “touched the man” and it was only then that the violence ensued. Why did the Yid “touch the man” when at that point it was just a case of name calling? There’s more to this story than we’re getting here. As for the chacham poster who lamented the lack of any police car in the area — come on! This didn’t take place in a high crime area, to say the least; what do you expect, a patrol car driving by every couple of minutes?


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