Mexico City – Change In UNESCO Vote Prompts Twin Acts Of Vandalism At Mexico City Synagogue


    Mexico City – Two separate anti-Semitic attacks on an Orthodox Jewish synagogue in Mexico appear to have been perpetrated in retaliation for a campaign by Jewish community leaders to persuade the Mexican government to change its vote on the UNESCO proposal that disassociates Jerusalem’s holiest sites from Judaism.

    Furniture was smashed and windows were broken last week at Agudas Ajim, an Ashkenazic synagogue in Mexico City, reported the Jewish Telegraphic Agency. Vandals scrawled the word “perros,” Spanish for dogs, and the letter “A” for anarchy, in red paint on synagogue walls.

    Local security groups in Mexico City believe that the attacks were launched by an organized but unnamed group. Security alerts were in effect in Mexico City throughout Succos.

    As previously reported on VIN News (, Mexico changed its vote in favor of the UNESCO resolution to abstention on October 18th as a display of support for the Jewish community.

    “Changing the vote reiterates the recognition that the government of Mexico gives to the undeniable link of the Jewish people to cultural heritage in East Jerusalem,” read a statement from Mexican officials. “It also reflects the deep appreciation that this government has for the Jewish community and in particular for their significant contributions to the welfare and economic, social and cultural development of Mexico.”

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      • I’m not proud of their vote change. It is still a Busha. They should have opposed it. They can not say they recognise link between Har HaBayit and the Jews by abstaining to this resolution.


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