Rockland County, NY – Anonymous Campaign Signs Suggests Chasidic Community Banks On Welfare For Financial Support


    (News12)Rockland County, NY – A pre-Election Day mystery has popped up in Rockland County with signs that have potentially anti-Semitic overtones linking two candidates running for different offices, while casting aspersions on the Chasidic community.

    The black and white signs bear the words “David Carlucci for Medicaid” and show a picture of Chasidic county legislator Aron Wieder, reported The Journal News. Smaller print on the lower half of the signs bear the words “Working together other people can carry us.”

    State Senator David Carlucci is running for re-election against Republican Tom DePrisco in the 38th District, which covers virtually all of Rockland County’s Jewish community. Wieder, a Democrat, is facing off against incumbent Karl Brabenec in the 98th Assembly District, which includes parts of Monsey, Kaser and Wesley Hills and extends northwest through Kiryas Joel and Monroe.

    The signs, which were posted throughout Ramapo and Clarkstown on Sunday night, give no indication as to their origin.

    There “is nothing on them to suggest who is paying for them,” said Vincent Balascio, chief of staff for Clarkstown town supervisor George Hoemann.

    Many of the signs have been removed by code enforcement officers because they were improperly placed in the public right of way.

    Negativity in the final days before an election is not uncommon observed Carlucci, who categorized the signs as “extremely unfortunate.”

    “Every candidate runs into issues with signs,” said Carlucci. “I learned early on you can’t get caught up on the sign issue.”

    Both Brabenec and DePrisco denied any involvement in the signs and said that their campaigns are focused exclusively on the issues, not negativity.

    “They are simply ridiculous and do not make sense,” said Brabenec. “It is important to me that candidates run positive campaigns based on the issues. I have always kept it positive and will continue to do so.”

    “While my opponent and I can and will criticize each other regarding specific issues, I will always remain focused on being civil,” noted DePrisco.

    Wieder did not respond to a request for comment on the issue.

    While the political candidates all seemed eager to distance themselves from the signs, sentiments on the Clarkstown – What They Don’t Want You To Know Facebook page, dedicated to informing town residents about “politics, scandal and patronage” ran in the opposite direction, praising the signs as “one of those classic statements that crystallizes an election.”

    “In our opinion this sign makes a brilliant appeal to voters not to vote for either Senator Carlucci or Legislator Wieder and is a classic example of the expression of free political speech,” read a post that appeared on the page on Monday evening.

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      • It is an issue if they plan their lives around getting government assistance also. A safety net shouldn’t be l’chatchila. On the plus side, think of all the schus the government will get and all the schus the goyisha tax payers are going to get for their suport. Will they be sitting next to yidden in the yeshiva shel mayla? The goyisha deviants will be happy I am sure, yidden not so much…

    1. Never known anyone in the Chassidic community to either take benefits they are not entitled to under law, use 501 c accounts for their personal benefit or fail to repay money they legally owe, as in defaulting on credit card account.

    2. Almost all of my new neighbors in Ramapo are collecting welfare. My husband works for the welfare office. We watch the new BMWs park every night. 10 kids, all dressed in designer clothes. Conspicuous spending on welfare?

    3. Shtech Nisht Aros Der Goyim’s Eigen!

      The current status quo is unsustainable.
      Teaching the younger generations that relying on government handouts is not a shameful thing is a shanda!

      I commend all the hardworking Yidden that refuse to take the sketchy easy handout path and work full time pay their income taxes and put in an honest days work!
      Mesiras Nefesh for Torah is not welfare section8 and food stamps. Did the Gedolim of yesteryear have these handouts? No they were truly Moser Nefesh having the best herring the best Flonkin and the best Yapchick and not paying for it is not being Moser Nefesh!
      May I Add Me K’Amcha Yisroel for Tomchei Shabbas,but the gedolim of yesteryear didn’t have that either!

    4. All the people on this forum besmirching others is only because they themselves aren’t getting anything and they don’t ‘faargin’ that others are able to get.

      I understand where they’re coming from. That said, I don’t get anything myself but I ‘faargin’ someone else who does get, completely.

      My policy is, I’d rather give than receive, always!

    5. This article is all over Facebook now.. the man pictured surely does not represent me as a frum jew. They blame him for the destruction of anything good. Everyone is crawling out of the woodwork to condemn him and all of us.

    6. He was also arrested a few years ago and jailed for intimidating voters. Then he was fired from the village for forging his time card. He certainly should not be representing us. Oy vezmere


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