Jerusalem – A Registered Voter In The Critical Ohio Election, Jerusalem’s Deputy Mayor Casts Ballot For Trump


    FILE - Deputy Mayor Rabbi Yitzhak Pindrus. May 30 2011. Photo by Nati Shohat/Flash90. Jerusalem – They may be living an ocean away, but Israelis who maintain dual Israeli and American citizenship are casting early ballots in the presidential election, hoping that their votes will help elect a candidate who will be a staunch ally to the Jewish state.

    Jerusalem’s deputy mayor Yitzhak Pindrus, a registered Ohio voter, said that he felt a special obligation to vote in the presidential election because Ohio is considered to be an important swing state, reported B’Chadrei Charedim.

    Pindrus said that he cast his vote for Donald Trump, noting that he thinks that the building freeze in Jerusalem ordered by President Obama is more likely to be lifted with a Republican in the Oval Office.

    “Also, as an American citizen, I am not comfortable with the Obama administration’s policies regarding Arab countries,” said Pindrus.

    Pindrus said that his mother helped him with some of the more technical details of the voting process and that rabbonim have been encouraging members of the Chareidi world to become more politically involved.

    “Agudath Israel of America has called on Orthodox Jews to exercise their right to vote, prompting me to make sure I voted in the presidential election,” said Pindrus.

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    1. Did he and his fellow chareidm voted for the abuse of Women soldiers in Jerusalem? Like his Idol Trump did it to many Women in the USA? He should be hiding in the stiblech today after what his chareidy buddies did to the lady soldier instead of mixing in the USA Election. Shame on him and his Party for not saying a word in the defense of the soldier attacked.

    2. The Jewish Deputy Mayor of Jerusalem where Jewish mobs attacking Jewish Soldiers voting in the USA Election instead of looking for the attackers. Hilarious. I am starting to like Hillary and Donald more and more. Ex-Mayor of Jerusalem, Ex President of Israel etc are all sitting in Jail. Donald and Hillary starting to look pretty legit.

    3. We must pray for Jews to be safe no matter where they live.

      Israeli flaming Zionists should not stick their nose into American politics,period! We have enough antisemiths who hate worldwide Jewry becuase of Israel.


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