New York – Brooklyn BP Receives Chilling Death Threat Warning Of His Imminent Demise


    FILE - Brooklyn Borough President Eric Adams speaks to residents during a town hall meeting in the courtroom of Brooklyn Borough Hall in New York, October 22, 2014.  REUTERS/Eduardo MunozBrooklyn, NY – The NYPD’s Intelligence Division is investigating a death threat made against Brooklyn borough president Eric Adams.

    Police told VIN News that a threatening letter was mailed to Adams at the Brooklyn Borough Hall on Joralemon Street and was received over the weekend. The note warned the former NYPD officer and state senator of his impending assassination which would be carried out by people who were “very well trained.”

    Stefan Ringel, communications director at the Brooklyn Borough Hall said that the note was received on Friday and was reported immediately to the NYPD.

    “No one has a deeper appreciation than Borough President Adams for the safety and security risks we face in this city,” said Ringel.

    The New York Post reported that the typed letter said that the plan would be carried out “very soon, maybe as early as this week.” Adams was also advised in the note that he would be contacted shortly by phone.

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    1. Doesn’t sound very newsworthy to me. I’m sure that many kooks send threatening letters to public officials all the time. Unless I’m wrong, and crazies are too lazy to write letters.


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