Brooklyn, NY – NYS Jewish Assemblyman Will Cast Vote For Speaker Ryan In Presidential Election


    HikindBrooklyn, NY – Two months after posting a video to YouTube saying that he was reluctantly endorsing Donald Trump for president by default, a Brooklyn assemblyman has reversed his position, saying that he will not be voting for either of the two major candidates in the upcoming presidential election.

    Assemblyman Dov Hikind announced today that when he goes to cast his ballot next week, his choice for president will be a write in candidate, House speaker Paul Ryan.

    “Paul Ryan represent everything that is beautiful about America,” Hikind told VIN News. “He supports the Israeli-American relationship and is such a mentsh.”

    Hikind acknowledged that by voting for Ryan he will be casting his ballot for a candidate who cannot possibly win the election.

    “I have never in my life done anything like this, but never ever have we had such sad, unfortunate, pathetic choices like we have this year,” said Hikind.

    Hikind, a Democrat, said that he refused to support Hillary Clinton, for numerous reasons, including her support of the Iran deal, and that Trump’s behavior makes him an untenable choice for president.

    “Trump has disqualified himself a thousand different times and Hillary Clinton is a disaster,” said Hikind. “I know one of them will be president but I don’t want to be responsible for that in any way.”

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    1. Well lets put things in perspective. I know that just a couple of years ago Senator Hillary Clinton personally fund-raised for Dov in midwood. So yeah no suprise

      • Trump is a pervert buffoon and an unwitting stooge to Putin’s dictatorship in Russia. As bad as Clinton is, nothing is worse than that orange mess who’ll sell out the US for the right amount of cash from the Russian dwarf tyrant.

          • “Hilary gave Iran nukes” Get your fact straight. Iran’s nuke was built by Russia, Trumps best friend. Hillary embargoed Iran for many Years. Wake Up.

            • Really. Obama regime which Hillary who is tight to gave Iran the nukes and billions of dollars.
              Have you seen what type of mess Hillary made at of the Middle East.

        • You make the assumption that Russia is our worse enemy and thereby Trump will be bad because he will align with Putin. I actually will vote for Trump precisely because of that. I think right now Russia is the least of our problems. I actually hope we do become Russia’s ally. We can then together restore order in the middle east and contain North Korea.

          By the way I disagree with your notion that Trump will “sell out the USA” for $$$$. At this pint in the game Trump wants to promote his ego. After all he is an egotistical maniac. He is finished with chasing money. Thus for his ego he needs to do whats best for the USA so that he can go down as the most “magnificant” president on earth.

          • “Russia is the least of our problem” Really? Supplying nukes for Iran capable to destroy 6 million Jews in a second, than selling them Sam 23 Missiles so Israel can’t destroy them is not your problem? It’s our (OUR=YIDEN) BIGGEST worry. Delating e-mails? Now..That is a huuuuuge problem. ( I do it daily)

            • You seem to be more concerned about that then Bibi. Bibi is very good friends with Russia and Putin. They are not supplying nukes to Iran. You are exxagerating like Trump. At best they support and are friendly to Iran.

              So let me hear the Hillary syria end game plan.

            • “At best they support and are friendly to Iran” Great. You are saying that Putin/Trump is friendly to Iran. Russia voted in the UN on every single occasion against Israel. Obama vetoed every single anti Israel UN votes. If you believe what you are saying and vote for Trump/Putin Iran’s friends (Openly calling to destroy Israel) that is your choice. You are in nice company Trump-Putin-Iran-Neturei Karte/Holocaust denial. They are only friends.

            • “More concerned than Bibi” Much more than Bibi. Lets don’t forget that Bibi gave Hebron to the Palestinians. Bibi is Israels PM and failed to destroy Iran’s nukes way before Obama was a senator.

        • SOOOOOOOOOOOOO wrong!!!! Nothing is worse for America than continuing in Obuma’s path, destroying America. So voting for Killary is the worst thing any American can do. She is a “soneh Yisroel” and could care less about the American people just like Obuma. All she cares about is lining her own pockets. All she cares about is herself. She has no respect for anyone but herself and as long as she is paid she will do what she is paid to do. That is your idea of the better of the two? All I know is that a vote for Trump is a vote against Killary!!!! And Trump didn’t get where he is by being stupid, he might be brash but he is NOT stupid. He surrounds himself with the best people for the job he wants to accomplish. And he will not want to leave his kids with a failed presidency as their legacy. So between the two, Trump is a better choice.

        • “Staying home, voting for Ryan is like voting for Hillary” Voting in NY State where Dov resides is a vote for Hillary. 100% of the electorates are for Hillary whether you vote for Trump or stay home.

    2. He is wrong because a vote for Ryan is like a vote for the tooth fairy. This is not a contest between good and better: it’s between terrible and maybe terrible. Hillary is a known entity: she will be a disaster for the country if elected. Trump is an unknown entity: he maybe a disaster but then on the other hand he may not be. The two things going for Trump are that he is not a politician and he certainly knows ho to run a business. I am fed up with politician, and this including the ones that serve in the most dysfunctional and corrupt state legislature in the nation – The make the old Boss Tweed gang look like choir boys.

      • “Hillary is a known entity” “Trump is unknown, he maybe a disaster” You are right on both. Yes under Pres Clinton we had a Budget Surplus, No wars, No major terrorist acts in the USA unlike we had with Republicans. Trump went Bankrupt 7 times and has open 42 different lawsuits.

        • yeah but Bill is not running for president. Hillary is running. Under Hllary’s leadership we had a botched Iraq war and then she repeated the mistake in Libya, Yemen and Egypt. Now she wants to do the same in Syria. Hillary is a proven failure. And I have yet to see her end game plan in Syria. Who takes over after the no fly zone and safe zones? Please do tell me the end game. Under Trump its simple, Assad takes over once again and we have pre 2011 stable times. Yes Yonasonw provided a wikipedia stating how bad Assad is. But come on it pals in comparison to ISIL. And we all know its either ISIL or Assad. So now pick your choice. And please do spell out Hillary’s syria end game.

    3. His vote will go to Hillary. Every single vote in NY will be counted for Hillary. The more people vote for Trump, Ryan or anyone else Hillary gets it automatically. That’s how the Electorates in NY work.

    4. I recently met Dov and asked him who he is voting for. He said, both are terrible choices and he’ll not be voting this year for either one. I agreed with him 100% and told him that if these 2 candidates are the best that we can do, then it’s a sad testament of the US political system and we are in big trouble.

    5. Hikind’s wasted vote is actually a vote for Hillary—anything but a Trump vote is a vote for Hillary–Dov, be truthful to our Jews and vote for Trump and Am Yisroel LOUDLY, OPENLY, and PUBLICLY !!!!! דמד

      • “Anything but a Trump vote is a vote for Hillary” All electorates in the State of NY are counted for Hillary. It doesn’t matter for whom you vote. Take a few hours from Yeshivah and get some education about Elections in the USA.

    6. Dov,
      I agree with you that Paul Ryan represent everything that is beautiful about America, He supports the Israeli-American relationship and is such a mentsh.
      So, Dov do what this mentsh did and vote for Donald Trump. If it is good enough for him, it should be good enough for you. Hold your nose and vote. Just like I did from Efrat.

      • “Hold your nose and vote. Just like I did from Efrat” The political system in Israel is different from the USA. In Israel you vote for a Party. The Party you vote for gets your vote. In the USA electoral System I am sorry to inform you that your vote went for Hillary. Maybe it would be smarter if you just keep voting in Israel where you live and know how it works and let the people in the USA decide what is best for us. The same is the opposite. People living in Brooklyn shouldn’t give advise how the Israelis should vote etc.

        • When you make Aliyah from the US, you are still a US citizen and you still have the right to vote. I know the systems in both countries. And, as someone who finds myself generally in agreement with, and as supporter of Dov, I am entitled to my opinion, as a US citizen and a Jew. The electoral system aside, you still need to try to influence the outcome; “Even if a sharp sword is pressing on your neck, don’t despair of pleading for God’s mercy” (Berakhot 10a) You never really know the outcome in advance. So what if NYS is mostly democrats. You still can influence the outcome.
          Just because I’m zocher to live in a place where when I look out my window I see Derach Avot , the road which we know was walked on by Avraham, Yitzchak and Yaakov, does not mean that I cut my ties to friends and family living in Chu”l.
          As far as giving advise to Israeli on how they should try to influence/vote for their political parties, I actually believe that Jews of the world have a right and a responsibility to try to influence the Jews of Israel in all things, including the political realm. This land belongs to Am Yisrael and no matter where we are, have a responsibility to Am Yisrael.
          חודש טוב ומבורך

      • “If its good enough for him” Big Difference: Paul Ryan voted in Wisconsin . His vote Might go for Trump. Dov lives in NY. His vote will go for Hillary no matter for whom he votes.

      • “He a fool.He’s vote his for Hillary” Your vote is also for Hillary if you live in NY . If you want your vote counted for Trump, you will have to move to Kansas,Idaho,Iowa,Louisiana,No.Dakota,Nebraska.So.Carolina,Mississippi,Wyoming and some other redneck States where the votes count for Trump. You might have to give up welfare,Section 8, Food stamps,Medicaid and other goodies and get some English education.

    7. By going public he’s making a vote for himself. He’s trying to gain favor with people like Paul Ryan who are in a position to further his career. For years he supported Hilary because he believed that doing so would lead to good results. Unfortunately it backfired terribly. He was almost redistricted out of a job.
      This is not about the community it’s about Hikind.

      • And tell me please which politician does not do the same? The bottom line is, anybody who votes for Trump will be handing the US over to Putin, a KGB thug from the old USSR. The same fine folks who created the most infamous anti Semitic forgery, “Protocols of the Elders of Zion”. The same tract that created Hitler, ym”s.

    8. This is great about America. We are all free to vote for anyone we wish.

      A vote for Ryan is a waist and a publicity stunt.
      Trump is a baffone and a bully.

      I will vote for Hillary. Even though she lied etc etc. In my opinion she knows NY well. She knows the frum community. She did favors for Jews before and hopefully she will be good for Jews.
      All you flaming Zionists just leave us Jews alone and dont drive us Mushuga with Israeli politics.

    9. Few people remember this, but during the 2012 election when Mitt Romney warned about the Russians, Obama poked fun at him, reminding him that the “Cold War” was over. Has Obama ever been right about anything??

    10. All of Trump’s grandchildren are jewish. He has been a strong financial supporter of Israel. He supports the settlements,will recognize Jerusalem as the capital of Israel,calls a terrorist just that,has 3 orthodox jews as his main advisers on Israel,strongly dislikes the Iran deal (calls it a disaster),wants a conservative scotus,will protect the borders,is strong on law and order (respects the police) has had approximately 1000 businesses (4 went bankrupt) and often builds things under cost in less time (contrary to the gov.). HRC hugged Suha Arafat after she said a blood libel on the jews of Israel,has been against settlements and development in Jerusalem,backs j street an antiisrael organization full of arabs ,israeli jewish leftists,self hating american jews (including her jewish mechutanim),was and is a strong supporter of the Iran deal,has received donations from Qatar,Saudia Arabia,Morocco,to the Clinton “corrupt” Foundation,received kickback donations from Pharma (developer of expensive HIV meds which was mandated and caused a huge burden on the cost of health insurance),gave only 5% of charitable donations to Haiti (pocketed 95%),received debate questions in advance,failed her law boards and apparently cheated to pass them on the 2nd try,can’t call a terrorist a terrorist,will encourage a huge influx of refugees from Syria (which we can’t properly vet),supports open borders,incites racial unrest (Charleston riotd,chicago -caught on tape) wants a leftist scotus,backs abortion in the 9th month of pregnancy,has lied frequently and slandered opponents throughout her political career. Enough said. The choice is very clear. Vote Trump!


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