Miami – Anti Trump Ad Poses Question: What If Trump Wanted To Ban Jews, Not Muslims?


    Ultra-Orthodox Jewish man walk next to a poster of Donald Trump in Jerusalem's Mea Shearim neighbourhood, October 13, 2016. REUTERS/Amir Cohen Miami – A former high-tech executive has spent hundreds of thousands of dollars in a last ditch effort to derail Donald Trump’s presidential bid, with a doctored YouTube clip of the Republican candidate aimed squarely at Florida’s Jewish community.

    The ad, paid for by Truth Pac, shows Trump at a campaign rally in December 2015, reading from a statement where he called for a ban on Muslim immigration until further clarification can be made regarding Muslim hatred of the United States.

    The Truth Pac ad that aired in Florida, however, substituted the word “Jews” for “Muslims” and has Trump saying “Donald J. Trump is calling for a total and complete shutdown of Jews entering the United States.” The ad continued with graphics that explain that just a single word was changed in Trump’s statement and that a Republican win in the presidential election must be prevented in order to ensure the safety of every United States citizen.

    The 15 second ad has received over 29,000 views since it was posted to YouTube on Friday.

    A similar ad that ran in Utah, changed the word “Muslims” to “Mormons,” and has been viewed more than 21,000 times over the same time period.

    There were more than 35,000 YouTube views for another Truth Pac ad, which stopped Trump mid sentence and featured a rolling list of groups that could be potentially be banned including atheists, Baptists, Catholics, Italians, Jews, Mexicans, Pakistanis, African Americans and Amish.

    A fourth Truth Pac ad expressed concern about Trump’s possible connections to Russia and charged that Trump is being controlled by Putin. An image of a stringed marionette bearing the Republican presidential candidate’s smiling visage categorized Trump as “Putin’s puppet.”

    Truth PAC was founded just three days ago by former Microsoft and Oracle executive Dick Brass to prevent a Trump victory on Election Day. Brass said that he hoped that his ads might influence undecided Jewish and Mormon voters.

    “There are large numbers of people in both of those demographics who have suffered terrible oppression in the history of their cultures,” Brass told The Huffington Post. “They should be concerned that a president who is willing to ban Muslims might be willing to do other terrible things too.”

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      • Phobia by definition is an irrational fear. If you think fear of Islamic terrorism is irrational then you’re the nut. I beg you to visit an arab country and proudly display your Judaism.

      • Islamophobic Jews? You ever work in Lebanon? I did. Saudi Arabia? I did. Ever read the Hamas Charter? I did. Ever read the PLO Charter? I did. You have homework to do. I know the Muslim culture up close and personal. There’s no room in it for you – unless you convert. Shoteh sh’b’olam.

      • No its not true. Common sense has to prevail. There are two differences,
        1) Severity: When peoples heads are gruesomely chopped off on you tube/ and or massive attacks on large scales that cause multiple fatalities are committed, its very different than a piety crime that a jew may commit even if the jew is Bernie Maddoff.
        2) Crime in the name of religon: When a jew commits a crime its not in the name of judiasm. But when crimes are committed in the name of a religon even if its only a small sect, it still must be banned.

        Only small liberal minds are blinded from the difference.

    1. Oh please.
      Jews should be left out of this nasty campaign on both sides.
      We Jews want to live peacefully in this great country. Jews should not stick their nose where it doesn’t belong. Enough people hate us. We dont need to give antisemites more ammunition.

    2. Most of his followers are White Supermarket, KKK, Neo Nazis. Its not so hard to imagine that after the Muslims the Jews are next. Oh, I forgot. Trump likes Jews. Maybe, but he is 74 years old. Put the Neo-Nazis in power and Chas Vesholaym to think what is next.

    3. If there would be a group of bad violent ppl within the Jewish ppl, yes Trump would be correct to say the same thing about the Jewish nation.
      Muslims have a cancer within, the Obama administration has sadly not dealt with it.

    4. It has been pointed out that Donald Trump’s call to ban Muslims differs little from Supreme Court Justice Robert Jackson’s suggestion to ban German immigrants during World War II. The problem is that such a ban would have worked against German Jewish refugees trying to get into this country. In fact, one of the reasons the State Department gave for not admitting German Jewish refugees in WWII was that we couldn’t differentiate them from other Germans who might enter as agents of the government and sabotage our war effort. The analogy is not that far off.

    5. when extremest factions of jews carry out terrorism acts and kill 0.1% of the amount of people that Muslims have, then he has the right to ban Jews too! until then, this campaign has nothing to it!

    6. There is a reality that the intellectually impaired liberals choose to ignore. The overwhelming percentage of all acts of terror are committed by Muslims and in the name of Islam. This does NOT occur in Judaism or the Mormon Church. There is no reason to ban Jews, other than frank, indisputable anti-Semitism. Trump never exhibited such leanings. As for Islam, not only do the radical groups in Islam preach murder and death to Jews and “infidels”, but the “moderate” ones do not protest, condemn, or lift a finger to stop terror. Trump is correct and accurate in pointing a finger at Islam. It is such a shame that liberals have surrendered their intellect and judgment to bring a career criminal to power. Shame on all of them.

    7. One difference almost all terrorism so far, stems from Muslims/Islam…

      Dick Brass how do Jews or Mormons or anyone else come into this equation???

      Remember to vote for Trump tomorrow!!!

    8. But he doesn’t want to ban Jews, so what’s the problem? Killary, on the other hand, is a sonei yisrael, which Satmar conveniently ignores because of their bloc vote in return for funding & perks.

    9. Thank G-d, Trump has the backbone to stand up against those countries that promote terrorism. Historically, countries have used means to protect their citizens. Read about how the Muslim brotherhood wants to destroy America and read about Muslim brotherhood members who are close to Clinton and Obama.

    10. When was the last time jews wore suicide vests, blew up buses , airports…etc. what kind of stupid comparison is that? I didnt even read tbe article, the headline makes no sense to any sane, intelligent person. The jews have always been an asset to mankind and figure a world without them! You kidding..

    11. Trump is a an unpredictable wacko who could change in an instant. If he gets elected, he will let his partner in crime, cunning and sneaky Putin have the run of the US and that’ll be very bad for everyone, including the Jews.

    12. “Thank G-d, Trump has the backbone to stand up against those countries that promote terrorism.”

      The backbone? Do you mean as when Trump, standing before President Enrique Peña Nieto in Mexico, never made one mention of his ‘wall,’ and who was going to pay for it? Sure, real backbone on the campaign stump doesn’t always translate into what you get as a product.


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