Brooklyn, NY – Crossing Party Lines, Many Chasidic Voters Supported Trump


     Polling site workers help voters at a polling location for the 2016 US presidential election in a senior center in Brooklyn, New York, USA, 08 November 2016. EPABrooklyn, NY – Hillary Clinton may have bested President-elect Donald Trump overall in New York State, but when it came to Brooklyn’s Chasidic communities it was evident that Trump was the clear favorite.

    While most of Borough Park’s voters are registered Democrats, Trump took a whopping 69 percent of the vote in the 48th Assembly District, which is represented by Assemblyman Dov Hikind.

    Ironically, just one week prior to the election, Hikind announced that he would cast his vote for House Speaker Paul Ryan as a write in candidate, saying that his conscience would not permit him to vote for Trump because of his immoral behavior as previously reported on VIN News (

    Trump’s often questionable actions and blunt remarks didn’t seem to deter Borough Park voters.

    “I don’t really care that he’s not a model,” teacher and rabbinical student Shaya Stern told the New York Times, noting that he felt Trump was more qualified than Clinton to lead the nation.

    Journalist Avital Chizhik-Goldschmidt said that the Orthodox Jewish world understands that the non-Jewish politicians often have different value system.

    “People are not looking to the United States president to be a representative of some sort of morality in the way that other Americans might,” said Ms. Chizhik-Goldschmidt. “People are looking for a strong leader, a tough leader.”

    Others felt that Trump represented the best hope for a shakeup in Washington D.C.

    “We need new people in office,” said Borough Park resident Moses Steinmetz.

    Support for Trump was somewhat less solid in Williamsburg, where Satmar leaders encouraged their followers to vote for Clinton. Trump won a majority in some, but not all of the districts, that include Williamsburg’s Jewish area and a similar situation unfolded in Crown Heights.

    A video of Trump’s Orthodox Jewish daughter, Ivanka, visiting the grave of the Lubavitcher Rebbe shortly before the election with her husband Jared Kushner, made the rounds on social media.

    “The biggest joke in the Orthodox community after the election was that Chabad won over Satmar,” said Ms. Chizhik-Goldschmidt. The Rebbe’s blessing worked and the Satmar endorsement didn’t.”

    Borough Park’s Republican rally is not unprecedented. Republican candidates won at least 70 percent of the vote in the 48th District in the last two elections.

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      • “They voted with their head” and with Halacha. The Halacha is on Trumps side and from now civil law will be the same.. Trump and every other men can treat woman as they wish. He clearly stated it during the election

        • What halacha is that? Is there a halacha that allows one to lie, demean and embarrass people in public, have affairs outside of marriage, cheat people in business, spread hatred for others different than ourselves, and in general be a menuval. What shulchan Aruch supports values so opposite to what Jews hold dear in terms of India. Please explain the halacha that allows such perversion of character.

    1. Borough Park is registered Democrat, only for the local elections. For president, they prefer the one with conservative values.Those values would represent how they feel about Israel and domestic social issues.

      • Trump abuses women. It looks like that even women in BP, Wili etc voted for Trump. They must like his way about women. El Isech tesichosech wohi yimsol boch And you shall crawl to your Husband and he will rule you . The good thing about Trumps election there will be no more Womens Lib and other Liberal Meshigasin. The Torah clearly states that a men does not have to give a get if he doesnt want to. He can divorce her any time for any reason. Now we have a President who agrees. He clearly stated he can do whatever he wants to women. We agree and looks like many frum women agrees to.

        • So did Hillary by abusing all the women who were abused by her bubba. Listen and read all the reports by the many women who suffered double. A woman should be believed as long as its not bill who is guilty as ever. She got the shock of her life. Just watch out for some of the people she will now blame

      • In four years the vote shifts back to Democrats who will restore the much abused food stamp and section 8 programs so vital to the Jewish communities that Trump will remove in the effort to remove the fat from government and the programs that make it so. Also, we are already seeing Trump renege on moving American Embassy to Yerushaleiyim and throwing out the Iran Nuclear Deal. The Jewish Community got conned by the best con man

        • “food stamp and section 8 programs so vital to the Jewish community”??? Our parents and grandparents came to this country as broken, impoverished Holocaust survivors, yet they were able to raise beautiful families without a dime of government assistance. Why their children/grandchildren can’t do the same is beyond me.

          • Because gaming the system is easier. We now have a role model in our new president, who spent his life gaming the system. And as part of gaming the system there are those who make a lot of money, more than enough to support their families, but it is in undeclared cash. So they claim poverty and collect section 8 and food stamps. But you know it is ok to cheat the goyisha government

          • The Hasidic neighborhoods are the largest recipients of public assistance in the country with approx 30% receiving Federal aid.

            I do not believe that the kollels could survive without Federal entitlement programs.

          • I meant it to be sarcastic to say that trump will not be seen as a Messianic figure when he takes away their dearly held and much abused section 8 and food stamps. There are many making lots of cash that they do not declare, but they take all the government handouts and game the system by declaring “poverty”. So my previous comment was meant to be an indictment. Trump will be history if he gets rid of the

    2. The only reason why Satmar voted for Clinton as were told to by the rebbe, was because good old BILL pardoned 5 chassidim that burned down a federal building after misusing federal money to build a clinic. Talk about corrupt. azoi mikristalzich yiddelstzich.

      • Check your history! That was Skver Chasidim not Satmar. Satmar endorsed her because she was a NY senator and was decent to yiden & her husb pardoned yiddn which a republican never does. I must say Im a staunch Satmar person and i have yet to find 1 person that voted Hillary. Everyone I know voted Trump. We couldnt care less who Satmar/Niederman endorsed. Basically all levelheaded people voted for Trump just to see a new face and get a new chance in life. I think Wmsbg went overwhelmingly for Trump. Theyre factoring in Crown Heights so therefore it doesnt look like he got so many votes. I Dont have figures but can probbly say that 75% of Satmar defintly voted TRUMP!

    3. Poor Dov Hikind, scared to vote for trump and even Clinton. He probably really wanted to vote for Clinton, because he’s a democrat politician and must go with the pack no matter what, but was afraid of the backlash from his constituents. Chas vesholom he votes with his heart. Would never want to be in his position, with forces pulling him from all sides.


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