New York – Unity A Rapidly Fading Dream As NYC Mayor Calls For More Trump Protests


    Women chant slogans while marching against U.S. President-elect Donald Trump in Manhattan, New York, U.S., November 13, 2016. REUTERS/Bria WebbNew York – Protesters who have been demonstrating against the election of Donald Trump as our nation’s 45th president have received a boost from a prominent New York City address – Gracie Mansion.

    The Daily News reported that Mayor Bill de Blasio has urged Americans nationwide to continue their protests, albeit peacefully, just days after saying he would that he would take a wait and see attitude towards the Republican president-elect.

    But Trump’s comments on Sunday night’s edition of 60 Minutes about appointing Supreme Court justices who opposed abortion and his appointment of right wing leaning Stephen Bannon as his chief strategist have had de Blasio changing his tune.

    “The more disruption that’s caused peacefully … the more it will change the trajectory of things” de Blasio said in a Hot 97 radio interview.

    Because Trump does not appear to have won the popular vote, de Blasio told supporters that he will not have a mandate to run the country, making resistance to the new president crucial.

    In his remarks, de Blasio said that he will oppose any effort by the federal government to deport illegal aliens and to reinstate stop and frisk policies. The mayor also categorized Bannon as having close ties to the white supremacist movement.

    “We need to hold Trump accountable for anything he does that encourages hate and division,” said de Blasio. “The more extreme he is, the more people fight back, the more it takes away his power.”

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      • “Didn’t trump win the popular vote” Hillary won over a million votes more than Trump. Go get some education. (You might vote Democrat next time around)

        • True but you will have to admit that Trump’s success lies in his rallies and on the ground campaigning. Now that the path to the white house is electoral college where every state is win or take all Trump had to campaign in those states and ignore large population centers like NY. But had the elections been about majority wins Trump would have held rallies in NY and California too. And its true he would not have one 51% of the state but he would have chipped away alot more votes. Hence forth the argument that popular vote should be that right approach cannot deligtimize an election because elections are run based on those rules.

        • False. according to Wikipedia, 59,772,837 voted for Trump and 60,017,405 voted for Clinton. of course you realize that the presidential campaign is structured to garner the most electoral college votes.

          • Bsd

            That is a difference of less than a quarter of a percent or 0.204% between the two of them to be more exact. If there was no electoral college there would have to be a recount to make it statistically reliable. Any ways they are mad that Hashem caused a jaw dropping miracle for Trump.

        • Obama allowed approx 1 million illegals in and they voted.,,,you can be sure the “popular vote” numbers which everyone agrees is very easy to manipulate, were not honestly reported. Trump won a huge majority, overtook democratic states which hasn’t happened in decades, and you dems/libs are sore losers!!! And TO YOU, AYINGLEFUNADORF, I say this: my deep pleasure in the fact that you’re so angry at Mr. Trump’s victory, and you now have egg all over your face for predicting he would lose, makes this all the more sweet!!!! Drown in your sorrow, NK Drek.

          • “So angry” Actually I am very happy. Its about time to get rid of all Immigrants and every frumm women should clean their own toilets. 40 years ago most men in BP, Willi etc were working in sweater,belt,necktie,etc factories. Today they sit in Kolel and do nothing. Hope Trump will keep his promise and stop bringing in Chinese goods and send home the immigrants. This way we will go back to the good old days.

        • Shut your mouth and stop whinning baby. The man won fair and square. And by the way Europe & Israel don’t have popular votes either. This is not exclusive for the USA.

        • You and your friends can feel free to mount a campaign to add a new amendment to the constitution which would dissolve the Electoral College. Until then,you’re just going to deal with it. STOP WHINING!

    1. I think that we should boycott the city as long as his attiitude is what it is. I am a telecommuter who goes to NYC once or twice a week and I am notifying my company that I do not feel safe in New York City and might have to go on disability if it is mandatory that I come to the office.

    2. Idiot Deblasio. Thanks for letting everyone know that you’re encouraging these protests. With the Thanksgiving Day Parade right around the corner I will not be coming in to NYC to see it and spend money there. Me and thousands of others. The big rotten apple indeed

    3. De Blasio wants to get re-elected, and he’ll do whatever he can to make “his people” think he’s on their side. He should be held accountable for any problems caused by his statements.

      • “He should be held accountable” wrong, we all will vote for him like we did for Donald. Don’t forget what Donald said:” Beat them Up” and? we all voted for him. De Blasio for president 2020..

    4. Throw da bum out -deblasio,met his wife while working for the rev. al sharfton, and who changed his name from the german family name, is another lefty rabble rouser that we don’t need as mayor of this great city.

    5. Wow, all these sore loser crybabies really show their true colors when they lose! This pathetic mayor is so angry about Hilary’s loss, his comrade in crime…hopefully he will now be indicted and prosecuted for his!!

    6. To all of you who were so hasty to put someone down and show that you actually that Hillary won the popular vote: Is this justification for protest, violence and divisiveness?
      Even His Arrogance Herr Bloomberg was far better than this evil imbecile.

    7. He should be arrested and tried for treason
      He is putting the President elect life in danger. He is responsible for Trump’s police protection and instead he is giving the green light to be violent. TREASON!!!


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