Washington – Sanders Calls On Trump To Apologize For Campaign Rhetoric


    Sen. Bernie Sanders, I-Vt., arrives for a caucus organizing meeting to elect their leadership for the 115th Congress, Wednesday, Nov. 16, 2016, on Capitol Hill in Washington. (AP Photo/Alex Brandon)Washington – Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders called on Donald Trump to apologize for his inflammatory rhetoric during the presidential campaign and asked him cut ties with campaign CEO Steve Bannon.

    The president-elect named Bannon as a top White House adviser on Monday, sparking an outcry from Democrats who blasted the conservative media CEO as peddling conspiracy theories and white supremacy.

    Sanders, who lost the Democratic presidential nomination to Hillary Clinton, says his office received “many, many” calls asking Trump to withdraw the appointment.

    “What we are seeing all over this country is extraordinary fear,” Sanders said at a breakfast sponsored by the Christian Science Monitor. He said Trump should try to “make the American people feel comfortable” by rescinding Bannon’s nomination.

    The self-identified independent also said there may be opportunities for Democrats to work with Trump on some of his campaign promises including curbing high pharmaceutical drug pieces, renegotiating trade deals, cutting the influence of Wall Street and other ideas that will “improve life for working people.”

    “He said a whole lot of things. Was he serious or were these just campaign slogans?” he said. “We will hold him accountable.”

    Sanders told reporters that he hasn’t spoken personally to Clinton but believes she has an important role to play in the party’s future. She made her first public remarks since her concession speech in Washington on Wednesday evening, urging her supporters to “stay engaged” in political activism.

    Democrats, he said, must do some “soul searching” in the coming months. He’s backing Minnesota Rep. Keith Ellison head up the Democratic National Committee, arguing the first Muslim-American member of Congress could bring some fresh ideas to the party.

    “It is time for the Democratic party to reassess what it stands for and where it wants to go,” he said.

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    1. Bernie, Trump is as serious as you were dreaming in your campaign. Like universal health care , free college tuition to all, family leave all paid for by only the rich. As if those 1% will solve your problems and pay for every thing.

      Now go back to the nursing home. Hillary needs company.

        • Yeah you wish.
          We could thank you’re Divider in chief, obama the worst president ever for destroying your party.
          American have rejected your party on all levels.
          Ha ha ha

        • Hey Trump has proved you wrong in the past. He has defied all odds. You thought he would get smeared in the elections. Why are you so sure the man will fail as president?
          Oh and I think he is great on the international arena. The international community now knows we mean business. They can’t take us for a ride any more and no more monkey business. They are scared of us.

          I think you are feeling the Bern now. And you are burnt out buddy!

          • I didn’t say he’ll fail…I am saying that what is happening today is a disgrace with a white supremacist stench.

            Richard Spencer of the “alt-rt” says (I heard the interview) that Breitbart and Bannon are his voice; he says his movement seeks the awakening of white identity in this country, and advocates living in segregated areas. He refuses (again, I listened to the interview) to condemn swastikas or the “Make America White Again” slogan. Bannon himself has said he believes that American identity is intrinsically tied to European ethnicity, virtually a definition of White Supremacy. The KKK, militias and white supremacist organizations celebrate the appointment of Bannon as one of there own.

            If Bannon and the white supremacist community walk and talk like lovers, and Court Jews still insist on extending him a generous benefit of the doubt…I must believe that underlying partisan bias is at play, not a fair reading of fact.

            I could not for a moment imagine people on the right, or in the center, giving such a pass to Obama and Jeremiah White had Wright been appointed to a White House staff position. And one in the center gives no such pass to Trump and Bannon either.

        • Are you all there?! Trump already made two appointments in the first week after election. And your Muslim Obama didn’t make a single one till 6 weeks after election. All I see is efficiency from Trump, from communists all I see is whining.

    2. How about if Bernie would apologize for all those false statements he made about Israel killing pali children. Nah! Libs don’t have to apologize for anything.


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