Borough Park, NY – Non-Jewish Man Starts Fundraiser For Injured Tantzers Volunteer At BP Cellular Store


     Employee Steven from Cellular 4 LessBorough Park, NY – A non-Jewish employee at a Borough Park cell phone store has spearheaded an effort to help a member of a volunteer group seriously injured over a week ago on the Palisades Parkway.

    As previously reported on VIN News, Zisha Rosenblum, one of several dozen volunteers with the Tantzers group who drove to Monsey to entertain sick children, was seriously injured after the driver of the minivan he was traveling in swerved to avoid a deer in the roadway on November 3rd.

    The 32 year old Rosenblum lost one arm in the accident and remains in a medically induced coma.

    Steven, the Cellular 4 Less employee who came up with the idea to collect money for Rosenblum, said that the Tantzers volunteer would often stop into the store just to say hello and spread his trademark good cheer.

    The 39 year old Park Slope resident declined to share his last name, insisting that he wants to keep his efforts focused on Rosenblum.

    “Zishe is such a special guy and he needs all the help he can get,” Steven told VIN News. “This is all about him and his family.”

    Fellow employees at Cellular 4 Less joined Steven in his efforts and they put out a plain cardboard box for customer donations, with a goal of collecting $10,000 for the Rosenblum family.

    A hand lettered sign taped to the box next to a photo of the Tantzers with Rosenblum’s picture circled included a written plea for financial assistance and the please “Help a goy reach his Goal to help a Yid.”

    The campaign has been going so well that employees at Cellular 4 Less hope to be able to set a new fundraising goal of $20,000 to be able to help Rosenblum who was a frequent to the 13th Avenue store.

    “I spent an hour with him a few days before the accident and we just talked,” said Steven. “He is an amazing, good-hearted, special but powerful person.”
    Zishe Rosenblum first row 2nd from left
    Rosenblum has been a member of Tantzers since it was founded over four years ago to bring joy to those who were enduring difficult circumstances. It has grown to number 250 volunteers in Brooklyn and Monsey and its members also do hospital and prison visits. A women’s group with 200 members does most of their work entertaining women at weddings and bar mitzvahs.

    Over the last two years, Tantzers has begun doing parties for sick children. Rosenblum has been heavily involved in those parties.

    “I get a guy who has a big house who lets us come in and I bring in maybe eight or ten families with sick kids to the house,” said Zelig Friedman, head of the group. “I bring in between 40 and 50 volunteers to dance, sing, put on shows or have a kumzitz. The families have such a good time.”

    Friedman said that the November 3rd party was just the second one he had done in Monsey.

    “I was the one making the phone calls but Zisha coordinated the rest,” said Friedman. “Without him I was nothing. He and his brother are really the ones who are making this happen.”

    Friedman said that Rosenblum, a father of four, lives a life that is totally dedicated to helping others.

    “Every day in the morning he has been bringing food to Maimonides, making sure the hospitality room is full and the food is fresh, plus every single night he is out doing chesed,” said Friedman. “Every Friday night he would go to the hospital to daven and he would give out food to sick patients. He would also make parlor meetings for RCCS during the year. His life is all about chesed.”

    To contribute to the Rosenblum family visit Cellular 4 Less at 5308 13th Avenue in Borough Park or online at

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    1. Not to be a koch leffel, but don’t many people say that non-Jews can’t possibly be as good as Jews? Or Mi K’amcha Yisrael? I think that this man dispels those notions.

        • I’d venture to say that poster # 3 has met very few fentiles in his life – and if he has, he never git to know thrm very well. Where do you get off making a statement that a non-Jew only helps people he knows? Any time a person goes missing in cities and towns all over, non-Jews volunteer for search parties, for providing support to the worried families, and so on. Most of the people who do this have no relationship to the missing person, so there’s no “emotion” involved, other than cincern for a fellow human being. It’s mind-boggling that in 2016 heimushe Yidden living in America are still holding on to the worst stereotypes about “goyim” from the old country. Personally, I encounter in a daily basis more honesty, kindness and help from non-Jews than from frumme Yidden.

      • Actually this story proves that there is no people like the Jewish people. Zisha is a shining example of what Klal Yisroel does on a daily basis – often hidden from the public eye. Steve the goy is a nice guy and deserves credit for his good deed but how could you compare his good deed for the day with what Klal Yisroel does? Mi ki’amcha Yisroel is as true as ever. Steve hasn’t changed that in the least bit.

        • Please, number 4, stop the preening. Why do frum Jews constantly have to assure themselves and others how wonderful they are? Every day all ovet the world millions – tens of millions – of non-Jews do tremendous acts of charity and kindness. Look at a children’s hospital like St Jude’s – it treats sick children from every background totally free of charge. I know of no frum institution like it. Look at all the hospices and orphanages and soup kitchens run by non-Jewish organizations. Look at all the philanthropists like Bill Gates and Warren Buffett and countless other non-Jews who give away fortunes to help everyone, Jews and non-Jews alike. All of us have dealt with non-Jewish doctors, nurses, police officers, firefighters, etc., who go the extra mile for so many people. So enough already with the self-serving and utterly false claim that Jews have a monopoly on chesed and tzedakah. I know there’s a statement by a sage in the Gemara that even the charitable among the nations are frauds with ulterior motives – but that’s not Torahm’sinai, it’s a comment by a fallible human who lived centuries ago. As we all know, anyone can find a statement in the Talmud to back up anything because the sages disagreed about nearly everything, so stop picking and choosing.

    2. Steve is A Super Special Lovable Friendly Goy, that just hearing him answering the phone and giving the option to talk to the warmer Goy, or to the pupa Goy, and so on makes you laugh and gives you a great smile.
      So kindly to all you reading this article please by all means Help Steve reach his goal because he is the Goy always ready to help a yid because he Loves everyone no matter who you are.
      Thank you in advance for all your support

    3. Can’t we all just grow up and stop comparing who is better? Just be the best you can be, as directed by your parents’ chinuch and Torahdike Mesorah, and H-shem will give you the schar deserved. Making yourself feel better by undercutting the good deeds of others only makes you look small. Steve deserves a world of credit for allowing Zishe to inspire him! May his actions, and those of countless others moved by the Tantzer’s love and sacrifice help bring Zishe a refuah sheleimah!


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