New York – Outrage Erupts After CNN Caption Asks: Are Jews People?


    New York – After being blasted for its abysmal coverage of the presidential race, CNN has found itself in the hot seat once again, this time for an onscreen caption that questioned whether Jews are human.

    The caption, known as a chyron, appeared on Monday afternoon during a segment of the network’s The Lead with Jake Tapper, a daily news program. The Lead’s Jewish host, Jake Tapper, was off for the day and it was CNN correspondent James Sciutto who in the anchor’s chair when the onscreen message appeared, reported The Daily Dot.

    Sciutto was discussing President-elect Donald Trump’s relationship with white supremacists, also known as the “alt-right,” with his guests, two political commentators. The shocking chyron came on screen as Sciutto was referencing remarks made Sunday by white supremacist Richard Spencer, where he charged that the media was controlled by Jews, questioning their humanity.

    “One wonders if these people are people at all, or instead soulless golem,” said Spencer at a Washington D.C. rally.

    The chyron that appeared on screen during the discussion read “Alt-right founder questions if Jews are people,” prompting outrage from many, including program host Jake Tapper.

    The caption, which had many wondering if CNN itself was questioning the humanity of Jews, remained on the lower portion of the screen for over two and a half minutes.

    A furious Tapper who himself is Jewish took to Twitter, condemning the chyron as “unacceptable,” reported Raw Story. Sciutto offered his own criticism of the caption which he described as “out of line.”

    A CNN spokesperson admitted that the chyron was in poor taste and apologized for the caption, which sparked a deluge of comments on Twitter.

    “Who decided to run the “are jews people” segment on @CNN and what measures are being taken to remove them from that position?” questioned Samuel Sinyangwe.

    “@CNN asks, “Are Jews People?” Don’t need to ask, “Is CNN Journalism?” because the answer for a long time has been (obscenity) no,” tweeted Frank Conniff.

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    1. In their quest to try very hard and connect donald trump to the alt-right which there is no connection, they are going so crazy and bringing down their reputation with them

      • No connection? I think you are in deep partisan denial.

        Spencer and his Alt Rt thank Steven Bannon and Breitbart News for being their “voice;” Bannon doesn’t deny it, and neither does Trump…nor does he disavow support from the Alt Rt.

        If Obama had appointed Jeremiah Wright to a senior White House staff position…and anti-Semitic Black Nationalists were cheering on Wright…and Obama didn’t disavow them…I cannot only imagine for a moment you would have written:

        ” In their quest to try very hard and connect Obama to the Black Nationalists which there is no connection, they are going so crazy and bringing down their reputation with them”

        • Steve is not anti semite. Sop reading the silly liberal garbage. Read the forbes interview with Jarod about Steve. Unless you personally worked for Steve and know that he is anti semite shut your mouth. You have no credibility. Here we have two people, Jarod and Joel Pollak who worked for him and proclaim that he is extremely pro Israel.

          And frankly the biggest harm being done is the fact the media is even entertaining that the extremists of the alt-right is movement worth reckoning with and interviewing. We already saw with the Trump elections that even negative media coverage scores brownies and legitimacy. (Yes despite the fact that i think trump is great there is no question that he was a master at turning negative media coverage into attention grabbing and name recognition) The worse thing the media can do is play the silly Heil trump videos in public. If they would just ignore it and look at it like a group of 250 mishigoyim out of 60 million Trump voters, those crazies would vanish. Now they remain relevant. If the media really cared they would just ignore them. But the liberal media thrives off stoking tension and division. It brings up their viewership.

          • Get off it….you don’t need your media bogeymen… Just go to the horses’ mouths.

            Your friend “Steve” can have all the Jewish friends he likes…and can claim all the while he’s no anti-Semite…just show me once where he disavowed Richard Spencer’s Alt Rt…which claims Bannon and Breitbart News as its voice. They say it…and Bannon never denies it. Hail Victory indeed!

            Isn’t that the test you hold Muslims to…to disavow terrorism…or liberals, to disavow Wright?

            White supremacists and Alt-Rt Neo-Nazis claim your buddy “Steve” as one of their own, a claim he does not contest…and he has a personal theory about America and race that is 100% White Supremacist.

            For that matter….I’d like to hear you clearly and forcefully disavow both the Alt Rt and white supremacy…or do you need first to ask “Steve” for permission?

            • 1) If Islam were just a few nut jobs who like to hang out and occasionally portray hate symbols on their front lawn, I would not demand they denounce all of Islam. The problem with Islam is that muslims are committing the most brutal vicous acts out there. Its more than just talk. Alt-Right on the other hand has never physically committed brutal acts like muslims. Thus while they are no saints, it pals on comparison to Islam.
              2) Bannon is a businessman and opportunist. If he makes money from these mishigoyim he will to a certain degree play with them or at least not denounce them. But that does not mean he has an anti semtic view point.
              3)Bannon does not believe in being PC and will bshita not to denounce them because it makes him look like Mr. tough guy who never apologizes. You & I may disagree with that approach but thats far from anti semtic.

              Part 1

            • Finally I can’t forcefully disavow alt-right. I think you over simplify their views. Its not straight out anti semtic. Their anger is more directed towards muslims, Latino’s, and AA’s. They are against those that are killing us, committing crimes and or draining our resources. In that mix is jewish liberals who stick up for them but not against jews per say.
              They don’t claim that other sects should be eradicated. They don’t say that others are inferior. Rather their argument is that white christians are the foundation of this country. All other sects are guests and not the driver of our country.(akal the realization that we are in golus) In the same way that Israel is a jewish country while all others are welcome to join but are minorities.
              Bottom line is this, are they mishogyim and koko’s? Yes Is there an element or some alt-right members who have anti Semitic views? Yes. But the organization is a whole is more nuanced. Its mission is not an anti Semitic.

              And as a side note, I think Trump sterotypes but is not an anti semetic. He views jews as smart deal makers. When it suits him as his sonin law he loves it. At other times he will be suspicous and watch his pockets.

            • Not anti–Semitic. Listen to their speeches and to their “zieg heils” fella. I have.

              What in the world is served by your disinformation? Do you think before you write?

            • I get most of my information from WNYC, the NYT and the Wall St Journal. Are those 3 places reputable enough for you? The only difference is I don’t fall for every word they say lock stock and barrel. I read between the lines and know how to sniff exaggerations and half lies.And I have to admit here and there WNYC/ NPR allows the other side to be heard. Listen to the entire Alt-right interview on the Diane Rehm show. Sorry there is no disinformation.

            • “People who identify with the Alt Right regard mainstream or traditional conservatives as weak and impotent, largely because they do not sufficiently support racism and anti-Semitism. Alt Righters frequently disparage the conservative movement by using the derogatory term “cuckservative,” popularized in 2015. The term “cuckservative,” a com¬bi¬na¬tion of “con¬ser¬v¬a¬tive” and “cuck¬old,” is used by white supremacists to describe a white Chris¬t¬ian con¬ser¬v¬a¬tive who pro¬motes the inter¬ests of Jews and non-whites over those of whites.”

              ADL Primer on the new White Supremacists

              If you listen to WNYC it must be selectively…NPR has played audio of Spencer comments and speeches that put to a lie to your positions on the Alt Rt.

              You sound like a press spokesman for Trump…absolutely nothing dents you…according to your rubbish, your Fuhrer and his appointees are all angelic personages who really threaten no one.

            • I think your last sentence really summed it up. Yes Trump threatens nooone. There is a caveat though. I believe that if those animalistic Muslims mess with us they will be threatened. And thet should be threatened, tortured profiled and rounded up. You can’t be inhuman to non humans. Its not even tzar bali chaim on muslims.

              NPR has played cut audio clips of spencer which is not fully credible. And they also interviewed the man both on the diane rehm show and on the takeaway. if you listen you will see that they are crazy but not exclusively anti semtiic. There are lost of stuff mixed together.

            • I would say that you kind of got it. In a sense racist and not against us. But some of their racism is well founded and real concerns. Of course they are mishagoyim. Its kind of like when many get annoyed at the chasidim/ kollel guys for milking programs, not paying taxes etc.. There is some resentment in our tone. But is it real hatred. Its not a perfect moshel because I agree there is no crystal ball. The alt right is a mixture of everything. All I am saying is that its not as clearly defined as the media makes it out to be. I do admit that they are a bunch of kooks.

    2. The problem is not that they’re quoting someone who questions whether Jews are people, since that individual really did question whether Jews are people. The problem is that appears right under the Trump line, implying that there’s some connection.

    3. Not really understanding what the problem is. The caption clearly said that it is the alt-right founder questioning whether the Jews are people or not – not CNN. And as far as his puny mind is concerned that’s a valid question. I wouldn’t make a big deal about it – unless I would meet this guy in a dark alley somewhere.

    4. This morning I read on another site that CNN “supposedly” apologized. I have not heard it. I have only heard all the garbage and anti semitic remarks made last night. This is only the beginning!!

    5. It is getting late here in america ,the Jew haters are gaining .This country is no different than any other It has been over 50 years of expansion of Jewish life where it was relatively free of trouble.

    6. In my extensive research on the Holocaust there is always the troubling accusation that Jews in some ways, collaborated w the Nazis. Now, based on frum support of the new Fuhrer and denial of his overt bigotry and malificence, I understand. This way to the ovens boys!

      • In my extensive research of the holocaust, Hitler did not have a jewish son-in law as his most trusted adviser. Hitler did not have a jewish lawyer. Hitler did not tell jews of rosh hashana before elections please pray for me. Hitler did not have jewish business men who did business with him and know the Donald.

        Finally jews collaborated with nazis out of fear for their lives. No one collaborated because they thought their country is better off with Hitler verse his german oppenent. It wan’t a collaboration out of free will.

        Stop your fear stoking nonsense. And don’t believe every piece of garbage your read. use common sense.

        • Your extensive research on the Holocaust! Very funny! …you are so far off I find it hard to believe that you have studied any texts on the Shoah.

          You say:

          “Finally jews collaborated with nazis out of fear for their lives. No one collaborated because they thought their country is better off with Hitler verse his german oppenent. It wan’t a collaboration out of free will.”

          Wow…See my Comment 14…you are horribly and apparently proudly ignorant…I repeat, you are so far off I find it hard to believe that you have studied any texts on the Shoah.

      • Well said.

        My father z’tl, who was a 22 year old medical student in Duisburg when Hitler came to power, explained that in 1933 Germany what you describe came from a combination of:

        (a) Denial…things really aren’t so dire…Hitler just says those things; and

        (b) Excitement over the “good things” the Nazis brought to Germany…the throwing off of the post Versailles humiliation…a unifying sense of German pride…lower unemployment…cracking down on labor unrest…a reassertion of national purpose.

        Not unlike what you see on these pages.

        Of course, to really understand the parallels one would first have to read or study a little history! I recommend Richard Evans’ trilogy on the Nazis…especially right now the first volume, “The Coming of the Third Reich”

        • Trump has not said anything against Jews, and in addition to a daughter and son-in-law who are frimmer yidden, has many other yidden working with him and a long-histroy of relations with yidden, and has made many positive statements about Eretz Yisrael.

          Bannon too has worked with many Jews and is pro-Israel.

          The comparison with Hitler is nonsense that the left wing and media keep bringing up – especially those Jews in the media whose major connection is with being left-wing and who care little about Am Yisrael except where it fits their political agenda.

          • “The comparison with Hitler is nonsense that the left wing and media keep bringing up – especially those Jews in the media whose major connection is with being left-wing and who care little about Am Yisrael except where it fits their political agenda”

            Unadulterated argumentum ad hominem…no substance, essentially all name calling.

        • Come on plenty of jews started running for their lives in 1933. They knew the nazis were bad.

          Furthermore, bottom line is Hitler did not have a jewish son in law as a key advisor. And neither did he have jewish employees who testified that he was personally nice to them and gave them off graciously when needed. And he did not personally do business with frum yidden. I spoke to yidden who personally rubbed shoulders with the man. To be fair some do say that he is an opportunist and a con. Some did not find him very accommodating from a business point of view. But they all agree that he is far from an anti semite.

      • No, Jews are not “people.” We are the CHOSEN people and we will outlast all you lowlives. After thousands of years, these lousy goyim still don’t get it, do they?


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