Rockland County, NY – Newest Lotto Millionaire A Monsey Resident?


    Store manager, Kathy RaibleRockland County, NY – The identity of the latest Lotto millionaire remains a mystery, but workers at the Monsey area pharmacy where the ticket was sold are hopeful that the winner is one of their regular customers.

    According to the New York Lottery’s official website, the winning ticket in the November 5th Lotto drawing was purchased at Drug Mart Tallman, located in Suffern, with the numbers randomly generated by Lotto’s Quick Pick system.

    The winning numbers, 5 – 11 – 23 -46 – 42 plus a bonus number of 32, bring with them a payout of $15,800,000. There was no second place winner in the drawing and the 17 third place winners, who had five out of the six winning numbers, will each walk away with $994.

    Ira Glotzer, owner of Drug Mart for the last 50 years, said that this isn’t the first time his store has sold a large winning ticket, but previous payoffs have been considerably smaller. He looks forward to congratulating the lucky winner.

    “I can honestly say that as of this second I have no idea who the winner is,” Glotzer told VIN News. “No one has come in and dropped even a tidbit of info so we don’t really know anything.”

    Because Drug Mart is located in a fairly small shopping center, Glotzer is optimistic that the winner was one of his regular customers who typically come to the Airmont Shopping Center specifically to patronize his store.

    While the winner has yet to step forward, Glotzer said that he was notified of the multi-million dollar ticket just one day after the drawing.

    “I came in and said to the young lady at the front counter, ‘Has anyone been in or called you?’” recalled Glotzer. “But so far we have zero knowledge.”

    “We’re so excited,” added Kathy Raible, the store’s front end manager. “We can’t wait to find out who it is.”

    Lottery winners have a full year to come forward and claim their prize, which can be paid out in one lump sum payment or 26 yearly payments. According to the New York State Lottery, the chances of hitting the jackpot on a one dollar lottery purchase are just one in 22,528,737.

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    1. As a Monsey resident for 20 years, I didn’t even know this store exists It’s in suffern. Not likely Monsey resident.
      At least They can use it to pay the ridiculous Suffern taxes.


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