New York – Citing Prosecutorial Abuse, Legal Heavyweights Ask Obama In WSJ Op-Ed To Pardon Rubashkin


    June 1: Moishe Rubashkin, 16, says hello to his father defendant Sholom RubashkinNew York – As President Obama counts down his final weeks in the Oval Office, two well known names in the legal world have called for a presidential pardon for Sholom Mordechai Rubashkin.

    In an op-ed that appeared in Sunday’s Wall Street Journal, former United States federal judge Charles Renfrew and former United States attorney for the Northern District of Iowa James Reynolds charge that federal prosecutors unlawfully intervened numerous times in the Rubashkin case in order to ensure a maximum jail term.

    The two also allege that prosecutors attempted to keep their behind the scenes maneuverings hidden from the public eye.

    “The prosecutors who charged him wanted to extract a pound of flesh, and then some – even at the cost of illegally overstepping their bounds and interfering in the bankrupt company’s sale,” wrote Renfrew and Reynolds in their op-ed.

    As previously reported on VIN News (, more than 100 big names in the legal world called on U.S. Attorney Kevin Techau to correct injustices perpetuated against Rubashkin, citing evidence of prosecutorial tampering in the sale of the Agriprocessors poultry plant in Postville, Iowa.

    Those actions allegedly lowered the price of the plant by millions, giving prosecutors an opening to seek a life sentence against Rubashkin.

    Rubashkin has already served seven years of his 27 year prison term, an amount of time that Renfrew and Reynolds charge is more than double the sentence he should have received had prosecutors not intervened illegally.

    In addition to asking for a presidential pardon, the two well known names in the legal world called on Congress to take steps to deter future prosecutorial abuse, suggesting that illegal tampering by those who are charged with watching over the criminal justice system should be classified as a felony.

    “The watchers must be watched,” wrote Renfrew and Reynolds. “If they are not, the criminal-justice system will too often deliver the kind of injustice that Sholom Rubashkin is experiencing.”

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      • Hopefully you are just trolling, I certainly hope you’re not that much of a moron. He was guilty of fraud, if you read the article it says he should have been given around 4 years, not 27. Murderers don’t even get 27 years idiot.

      • You start with the notion that criminals need to be locked up as a form of punishment. This is despite the fact that it causes us a fortune and it is inhuman. Prisons should only be for people that are a threat to society or in some instances as a deterrent.

        Now for the deterrent argument one has to be very careful. Are there other means that are just as effective? Is a cost benefit analysis being performed? For someone like Rubashkin is 27 years really a greater deterrent than 4 years? I think most yidden are scared of any jail time. And if they are not scared 27 years won’t scare them more.

        Re a threat to society, I don’t see how Rubashkin is a threat to society. I doubt he can easily pull off such a scam again. But Weberman if guilty is like to commit that crime again.

        Bottom line the USA has become an incarceration country. ts both inhuman,uneffective and costly. We need to change course.

      • Remorse for what? what did Rubashking really do that he needs to show remorse?
        you must be a self hating jew with NO heart for families with over 10 kids who have NO father home. If 6 US attorney generals and 4 federal judges claim that Rubashking was wrongfully convicted how on earth do you have the rishes to claim different.? I am sure if you look yourself in the mirror you would change your mind.

      • U self hating jew! Even if u (most defntly) deserve to sit behind bars I cldnt even bring such cursing on my lips. Woe to klal yisroe “if” u call urself a member. What can we expect of the goyim when one of us acts worse than all of them?!?!

    1. Why would Obama listen to the Yidden who have been calling him a Kenyan, a Muslim, an anti-Semite, and worse for eight years? Frum Jews have expressed nothing but hatred for this President and it’s the height of arrogance to expect favors in return.

      • U are absolutely right but we still hope and pray he will. As a real Republican I certainly believe Obama is NOT a soina yisroel. Absolutly not!! The yiddn cursing on this sight are the real ones. And then we wonder y mashiach isnt here yet??

    2. Any such irregularities could at most argue for a new sentencing hearing. Unfortunately Rubashkin is guilty of committing a major felony every month, when he submitted phony invoices as loan collateral. Reade’s 54-page statement explains very clearly why there was no reason to reduce the statutory sentence.

      Fortunately for Rubashkin, judges aren’t allowed to double the penalty in cases of chillul Hashem. It’s also fortunate that the OU and KAJ were on hand to keep him from selling treifus, or all these same Jews would be calling for his execution.

    3. It’s claimed the prosecutors made it more difficult to sell the company. But it was already in very bad shape, a financial pack of cards. A firm that size should have had ample lines of credit, but Rubashkin had to forge accounts receivable every month to con more money out of the bank. All he cared about was cutting costs and increasing market share, and he put a lot of frum Jews out of business. He is the victim not of antisemitism, but the corrupting power of his own greed.

      • I feel very sorry for a supposedly frum Yid who sides with Reade and her goons. You even felt the need to post twice. Many legal experts vociferously disagree with the way this case was handled and Reb Shalom’s yehua is surely close at hand.

      • Please, the bank was getting paid back everything and would have continued. the bank had no problem with this and could be they even knew about it bt it paid for them. you obviously are not aware of many detailsl. the prosecuters wanted to bring him down, it was an organized plan together with the judge . If they were fair they could have sent him a warning.

        • Forgery and bank fraud don’t go away if the victim hasn’t yet suffered an actual financial loss. The question remains: why did Rubashkin resort to such measures? Because his financial condition was so dire that it was the only way to borrow money. His business was a house of cards, and any stress could have caused collapse.

          If prosecutors improperly prevented the family from taking ownership, they should face the consequences. Mostly one wonders at their stupidity. No reputable hashgocha would go near a business owned by a Rubashkin.

          If Rubashkin had admitted his crimes, tried to make restitution and cooperated with the authorities instead of calling them all antisemites, he’d be a free man by now.

    4. to # 4
      you are an “aczor”

      how can you compare rubashkin to weberman
      weberman destroyed lives

      rubashkin did what he thought he can do to save his company and hundreds of

      • If youm learn Chufetz Chaim you might know better that even the truth you are not allowed to repeat and especially if you dont know the truth. You dont know the truth about Weberman and he has been sentenced and he is serving time in prison for his actions. But we as jews who have a Torah are not allowed to embarass him they way you do.

      • Weberman did NOT destroy lives!! These hooligans destroyed him! Theyre filthy despicable people shunned from klal yisroel forever! Lying thru their teeth to get him arrested. Hes a good jew that unfortunately made mistakes (but nothing hes accused of). What a sad people we are. People gloating on a good fathr locked up. Where have we fallen to? Believing the disgraceful people the lowlifes of humanity??? Watch out cuz Anyone can just decide to come an file a lawsuit and put u behind bars. We live in a sick society! And yidden r all falling for the trap. Wake up!!!!

    5. 4, 6 & 7, I am not sure if you were raised by your parents or if they just drag you up but your comments are completely out of place if not dead wrong. 4 what is the connection between the two? 6 comma last I checked the legal experts requesting his emancipation I’m not even Jewish let alone religious ones 7, you’re just a fool and sorry excuse for sperm so I won’t bother to respond.

    6. Many have wondered why a few of us are so angry about Sholom Rubashkin. Allow me to speak at least for myself. Forty or so years ago, the frum community was much smaller, poorer, less learned and less machmir in observance. It was also scrupulously, almost pathologically honest. Storekeepers would see our covered heads and offer to accept our personal checks. Whatever our style of levush, the worst thing in the world was to be a disgrace to the uniform.

      The nursing home scandal in the mid ‘70s shocked us to our core. How could a rabbi cheat the government and treat old people so badly? Since then one we have become desensitized, as each month we have yet another instance of “frum” Jews going to jail. Jews wearing long black coats and peyos and beards are also wearing handcuffs.

      This cannot become the new “normal”, or Am Yisroel is in very deep trouble. The Nevi’im very occasionally criticized Shabbos observance, but their main complaint was that Jews were no longer honest in their dealings bein adam l’chaveiro. Rubashkin may not be the worst offender, but he’s the only one held up as a hero and martyr. This must not go unchallenged.

      • That’s partially revisionist history. And its partially because yidden were poorer and not in positions to steal so much money. But I don’t think they were more honest per say.

        • I do not claim to have done a rigorous historical tabulation of the frum general population versus felony convictions. The data is no doubt obsessively compiled by antisemitic web sites. However I challenge you to find a single widely publicized case of criminality before the nursing home scandal.

          Poor people are generally thought to be more prone to criminal activity than the well-off. However in the frum world, rising income was far outpaced by expectations, so many have ended up living beyond their means. So far nobody has excused himself by saying it’s the only way he could pay yeshiva tuition.

    7. I seriously doubt if Obama will do anything; Trump must be approached by the frum community, through his son-in-law-Jared Kushner, in an effort to commute the horrible sentence of Mr. Rubashkin. Also, the horrible parole restrictions of Jonathan Pollard must be lifted. Obama has commuted the lengthy sentences of over 1,000 drug dealers, some of which committed violent crimes. The injustice meted out to Rubashkin and Pollard must be corrected now!


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